Monday, February 06, 2006

Busy Pretty People

Well, the ol' Homestead is a regular hive today. We have tradepeople here 'mitigating mold in the substructure of the residence" which is ominous sounding, but hey; Mold Is Everywhere. Mold is kinda the New Radon - there are alot of people making alot of money by playing the Mold Card. Not one to jump out of the lemming stampede, I signed on early (and often) to have our lovely manse checked for the scurvy beast. And you know what? Those clever mold seekers found Mold. They assured me it was the 'garden variety' vs. the 'dreaded black mold'. Okay. So, mitigate away.

The phone has been ringing, the doorbell has chimed, the boys are still in their Hannah Pajamas and I've not had enough caffeine to see me through this far. Me? I've showered and solved my Dilemma Of The Month:
My underwear are all wearing out at the same time! ACK!
What To Do? What To Do?

Well, I solved the knuckle-gnawing knicker problem; I AM NOT WEARING PANTIES! Yep, I am sans panties under my wonderful Jag Jeans. When I let the tradesmen through the door this morning, I had to stifle my snickering; who would think this ordinary mother with 2 young boys shyly hanging on to her legs would be Sans Skivvies.

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