Monday, February 27, 2006

Funny how things work out.

We've decided to add swimming lessons to our weekly tango -Semi-private for the boys, at our local health club. The lessons for little ones are taught in the therapy pool, which is like swimming in tepid bath water; 'roasty-toasty', our big one quips. When I try to do water aerobics in it, I break out in an amazing sweat.

We got there with time to spare, in case there was paperwork. The boys had worked themselves up into quite a state of anticipation since they were wearing their new Baby Banz rash guard swim shirts and trunks. We had been requested to purchase regular boys' swimming trunks; the shorter, not too big legged kind. Yeah, right! Everything available is huge and baggy and I would describe as 'waltz-length' or longer! Try learning to swim hobbled by your stinkin' swimming shorts! The rash guard swimming shorts are fairly tight; a lucky find.

The boys were clutching their brand new Speedo kids goggles since 15 minutes before we left the house. They had cheerfully donned their Power Ranges polartec robes, and were hopping foot to foot at the edge of the pool. I told them to go ahead and get in and pulled a chair to the edge and perched there, like an overdressed (and overage) life guard. The swimming instructor did not show up, 15 minutes into our designated lesson time.

But who did show up, much to our absolute delight, was Miss Gretchen - a preschool teacher at their former school! Turns out she just hired on to coach a large team of all-age kids at our club, and was there early to set up. We chatted a few minutes and then she went to set up the lap pool for her students. The swim instructor we were supposed to meet with never did show up. The pool director came over and apologized for the no-show, and I said "No Problem, actually! We'd love to hire Gretchen, whom we know very well -- and how were you so lucky to hire her, by the way?!" So, we now have Miss Gretchen set up for two sessions a week - the only private slots she will probably have. I think we were just at the right place, at the right time. Kharma.

And our eldest starts Tae Kwan Do tomorrow. That means some therapy or lesson to trot off to every afternoon. We will be busy - It Has BEGUN!

And for every day that you think is dragging on too long, with fighting, whining young children, remember this: The days are long but the years are short. It is the best saying from my friend Sheila, who has sadly passed last December.

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