Saturday, February 11, 2006

Mental Health Day

Friday was decreed a mental health day off from school and work -- for dh, not me; does the stay at home parent every really get a day off? It snowed late Thursday night and through Friday early morning, and it was a crisp, glistening, pure white landscape outside when youngest woke up and trotted across the bridge area full of windows to our bedroom. "Mommy, it's snowy and it's morning! WAKE UP!" We opened up the blinds to the glorious blaze of snowy early morning light, lit the fire in the bedroom, and snuggled up with hot chocolate and PBS morning shows. I cooked breakfast and let dh sleep in a while. Then we threw on warm outfits and outerwear and trotted off to the warm therapy pool at our health club for a hour of water play. HEAVEN! The boys are still young enough that they love to be carried around in the water. There are fewer things in life more dear than holding your children close and smooching their little velvet cheeks.

The boys played so hard on their day off that they fell asleep late afternoon on the family room rug while playing with their toys. I looked over, and was treated to the sweet sight of two boys sounds asleep in separate piles of Lego blocks and Hot Wheel cars, loveys firmly clutched for safekeeping.

Dh went to work for a meeting and was able to come home at a reasonable time. He wolfed down dinner and then set up the big screen with HDTV so we could all watch the Olympics in the media room. What a fitting end to a perfect day.

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