Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What Not To Wear

We're being Courted by a high-end private school that is desperate for 2006-07 kindergarten boys. Long story short, I set up an interview "Just to check it out". I started to wear my usual jeans/sweater thing, then thought better of it and slipped on a nice pair of trousers and a fancy sweater, with ribbons and buttons marching down the front. It's slightly itchy, so I only wear it like too-high heels; 3 hours MAX.

And didn't notice 'til the END of the interview, after I was already home and dumping stuff on the breezeway countertop that I had ....

a RED Power Rangers Sticker stuck to my left boob like a pastie!

My mom said "Well, dear; that will just make you even MORE unforgettable".

It must've been inside my overcoat, which of course, I whipped off and left in the car before I entered the admin building, as it was a gorgeous 61 degrees here today.

Of course, I met dozens of people. DOZENS!

It also explains why the kindergarten children could not take their eyes off my sweater, and were quickly shushed by the teacher.

And I thought everyone was just admiring the buttons or ribbon trim on my beautiful, hand-made sweater.

The fact that I also had 2 slightly different colored sox on I'm sure went completely unnoticed.

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