Saturday, February 11, 2006

Cooking Shows are the Downfall

The entire family loves to watch cooking shows. My current favorite is Daisy Cooks, a wonderful Puerto Rican woman who loves her boys as well as her cooking. Eat Great Feel Great Look Great. Not bad words to live by. Our boys, at the tender ages of 4 and 5, are eager assistants in the kitchen. They mix, mash and masticate (watch it!) with rapt looks on their faces. Their navy blue cushioned Kinderzeats are quickly pushed to the counter and they recite with no prompting "I know Mommy, NO FINGERS NEAR THE BEATERS!" Our little one does not have an adventurous palatte, but he is young yet. Our eldest proclaims "Oh, this is Yummy Spicy, Mommy!" Crunchy Carbohydrates will elicit "Oh, this is DEWISHOUS!" from youngest.

Saturday mornings do not equal cartoon watching in our home. It means a delectable array of cooking shows. However, these shows ensure that not one but two full-size refrigerators in our house are always bursting with food. And that our trousers are bursting at the seams.

Oh! Gotta go! Rick Bayless is on!

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