Tuesday, February 07, 2006

New Paws from the $300 Club!

To completely convince you my Dear Husband works entirely too much, I give you this tale: He is unable to schedule medical or therapy appointments, have dinner with his family, take part in any chores or even - and this is really ridiculous - get new tires to replace the darn-near slicks on his vehicle! Said vehicle hauls at least one child a day and Really Important Stuff like empty beer kegs to be refilled. I finally tired of rattling rosary beads in silent supplication as he drove off with one of our exquisite children, and begged him to trade cars today so I could take care of the vehicle. They drove off after much adjusting of seat and mirros, and then my cell phone rang; would I be shocked to hear that his gas tank was on vapors? *sigh - adjust exit time by 10 minutes up to fuel car*

Today, youngest son's daily adventure consisted of not only going with me to the car wash and gas up, but also a trip to get new tires installed on Daddy's truck! Which then meant a trip to the $300 Club, also known as Costco, as we had a coupon for $60 off a set of 4 tires, and well, you know; $60! I got to push 80 pounds of children, plus a loaded-to-bursting buggy as DARN IT we went in there hungry and everything looked so lush and delicious. What IS IT about that place?! Are there subliminal messages piped in so that we just HAVE TO HAVE that doo-dad? I look at our house - it is a Costco showroom! Furniture, appliances, electronics, clothing, food and more food by the case! And it's great stuff. If it wears out too soon, doesn't meet expectations, well no problem; take it back. A friend of mine used an oriental rug for 4 years and then took it back. I think that was ridiculous, but there were no questions asked. Amazing-Costco is the Nordstrom of Discount Big Boxes.

So, we're driving off from Costco and slow down to allow someone with a big trolley a bit of extra time to meander across the drive. Eldest son quips from the back "Mommy, are you driving slow so everyone can see our pretty new paws?!"

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