Monday, October 02, 2006

This Past Weekend in Photos:

We have a Purple Belt in residence. Doesn't this give a glimpse into the boy as an Older Person?! He's barely six. He looks like a sweet old Chinese man!

The testing group. All colors of belts. The black belts have the black neck bands. Parker is in the bottom row, 2nd from left. Master Kim, his instructor, is kneeling in the bottom row, far right. He is an incredible teacher.

Ryan showing off the favorite cookie he decorated. They made the dough, too. The cookies are a bit - ah - tough!

Parker is the Star of the Week. He gets to put up photos and non-toy memorabilia on the board. He chose alot of Korean items. He also wanted to put up a photo of his Foster mother, but I told him the photo was too precious (The true reason is I don't want him inundated with adoption questions that he hasn't asked yet.) Note the BunSter up there. He also wanted to put up a photo of the dead dog. I said "Oh, I didn't know you liked that old dog." Parker said "I didn't like him. At all." So I said "How about a photo of your costume instead?" That was Most Acceptable.

Parker with his favorite cookie. They spent an hour decorating these things! They had such a great time. I get a bit pissy with them during the process, but then tell myself "Oh for gosh sake! Get a Grip!" and settle down. I need to remember to get out ingredients FIRST, then invite the children over. They keep running over my toes with their chairs, playing in the dry ingredients, cracking eggs too soon, etc. You know, being Children!


Carolyn said...

They are too cute.

It sounds like a fun time was had by all.

PJ said...

How wonderful they are!
Wait... is the picture of a dead dog or a dog that died?

wv-flatcad, as they all should be. Cads that is...

blackbird said...

I know he's supposed to look formidable in his uniform but he's just SO beautiful!

MsCellania said...

Carolyn - Fun, yes. And you?

pj - You lasted longer than I did. And the photo was of the dog when alive and perky. Now, sadly deceased.

bb - Thank you! Not formidable yet, mostly intense. And beautiful! So beautiful. I held them tonight after reading and rocking, just looking at their sweet little faces. I wish I could keep them this age forever. Innocent, trusting and sweet.

My float said...

chidren being children...doesn't it drive you crazy sometimes, no matter how cute they are?

those cookies loook great. they have such pride in their faces! what a great mum you are.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

lovely cookies - lovely purple belt - lovely family memories.

daysgoby said...

They are both so sweet - what lovely little men.