Thursday, October 19, 2006

From the Peanut Gallery

Scene: Living room in our house, 7-ish tonight
Ryan, shaking some pom-poms eagerly, a special gift from school for doing all his tasks that day: "Mommy, looky dese!"
Mommy: "Yes, they are lovely. And look at how sad your brother is that he doesn't have one to shake. Could you share?"
Ryan: "NO!"
Parker: Running upstairs, sobbing his eyes out. He's in his Melodramatic, Sulking, Sobbing 6 Year Old Stage. God help me.
Ryan: "See, dis says 'No Touching, Parker.' "
Mommy: "Let me see that pom-pom. I don't see any "P's" for Parker - but I do see a "D"..."
Ryan, interrupting "Oh! Well...NO TOUCHING DAT!" and shaking both of them in my face "And No Touching DESE!"
I run upstairs, laughing, and fall over Parker, who is hiding on the landing, in the dark. Who sobs "He C-c-c-can't SPELL, Mommy!"

So, I guess Parker now believes Ryan can read the labels on toys. Heh heh heh.

Scene: Field trip to an operating farm's Pumpkin Patch today. Windy, cold and MUDDY. The class is a mixed-aged group of 11 pre-school children. 6 special needs children, and 5 typically developing peers ages 3-5; and Parker, who is attending as a 'student assistant' being the ripe old age of Kindergartener.
Young adult tour guide, daughter of farm property's owner. Obviously knows her way around and works the farm.
Showing children farm equipment, then moving on to the animals. First up, the COW. Yearlings, happily munching away in a feed trough.
Girl, small speech about the kinds of cows they are (Black Angus and some kind of fancy dairy cow) "Who knows what we get from cows?"
Parker: "MEAT! I LOVE MEAT!"
Stunned silence.
Vegetarian preschool Director quickly yelps "DAIRY PRODUCTS! Like MILK! ICE CREAM!"
10 other children go "YUMMY ICE CREAM!" and we move on to good, old, safe sheep.
Farm Girl, after small speech about sheep, asks "Who knows what we get from Sheep?"
and I yell "LAMB CHOPS!"


daysgoby said...


You instigator, you!

Lazy cow said...

Ha. We went to the childrens' farm recently and there were newborn lambs. The Girl looked at them and said: "Ow, how cute. Baby lambs. Mmmmm, roast lamb." At least they know where their meat is coming from :-)

Nutmeg said...

:-) :-0 :-) :-0

Very funny farm story. I could only wish for the same response from my girls!

PJ said...

Mischief is your middle name!

Badger said...

Heeeheehee! I love meat, too.

Carolyn said...


Allison just figured out where chicken comes from and she doesn't want to touch it.

sueeeus said...

Well, if they show you a black angus, what do they expect? You gotta say something about the MEAT!! YUM!

Suse said...

Son #3's class has little baby chicks in their room at the moment - they did the whole thing, hatched the eggs, watched them emerge each day, read lots of baby chicken stories etc.

We had roast chicken for dinner last night. And Son #1 got this evil look on his face ... I caught him