Thursday, October 12, 2006

Can I PLEASE go to bed now?

My morning routine is quick and easy. Shower if it's a Shower Day, using facial creams and scrubs in the shower, foot care scrubs, body washes and polishes. If it's a bath day (night), then I use Costco Borghese facial products. Every day there are 2 meds, bioidentical hormone creams applied in varying amounts daily. Teeth care. No BFD either way.

I don't know about you, but the older I get, the longer my nighttime routine has become.
Used to be a 3 minute max routine. Now? It's a Ritualistic Event of mammoth proportions.
First, I get out All The Potions. For a woman who is reputed to be low maintenance, I have contents in my bathroom vanity drawers that refute that claim.
Three cream facial cleansers.
Two facial 'wipe' cleansers.
Two special exfoliants.
Four different kinds of facial creams.
Three Serum treatments.
One whitener/brightener.
Two eye creams.
I try to stick within the same line nightly (Costco Borghese, Bobbi Brown EXTRA or Prescriptives/Lauder).

Some of these products are also used on my neck/throat/chest area and also on the tops of my hands.

Then there's the tooth care drawer.
Three kinds of toothpaste.
Three toothbrushes.
Numerous choices for floss.
Anti-bac rinses.

Then, there's the foot care! Mustn't forget the feet...
Three foot scrubs
Two planes
Two files
Four different salves/lotions each with their own socks.

I have probably a dozen different body washes/sugar or salt scrubs and bath bubbles or salts. The boys have different bath products, too. (And I use special oils when I massage them. I am going to miss doing that when they get self conscious.)

I never thought this was any big deal. I rotate using the products, depending on the condition of my skin. If I don't tend to my feet, they crack and hurt.

Living in a desert is a bitch. You really have to mitigate the damage.

But one of my girlfriends saw the contents of the vanity cabinets today and her eyes bugged out. "What in the heck do you DO with all this stuff?"

"I Rotate products. Just wait 'til YOU'RE my age; this won't be luxury stuff - it will be necessary!"

Who knows if it has made a difference. I know I believe in it, so I do it.

As you were.

PS - I don't usually wear any cosmetics except for Burt's Bees Lip Shimmers or lip cream just about constantly. And I don't do anything with my hair.


julia said...


My bedtime routine consists of going pee, brushing my teeth and climbing under the covers. If I'm lucky, I'll put some sort of foot cream on my hoof-like heels, but I rarely get a chance to do that.

PJ said...

Not so much here but the same knid of deal.

I'm glad I've got "good" skin, cuz I don't know what I'd do otherwise.

PJ said...

KIND, kind of deal. Sheesh!

Lazy cow said...

Blimey. I wash my face with organic cleanser/soap, then use a facial oil or moisturiser, and maybe lip balm. And brush my teeth, that's it. Reading that made me exhuasted. I do wear foundation and/or concealer and lipstick every day. My sister probably does double what you do, and always wears full makeup and hair product though.

nutmeg said...

Living in Sydney the humidity takes care of some of the dry skin. I too have a lot of facial creams and cleansers but unfortunately I don't do the whole routine every night (though I should; too lazy). What I do need to do is some foot care - those cracked heels are on the way. Can you share any tips on those products.

As to the makeup, I have to say, being a redhead, I rarely leave the house without darkening the eyelashes and eyebrows. Foundation at least half the week and always some sort of lip gloss or lipstick. The hair is currently cut to accomodate a 2 minute rough blowdry.

There. Isn't sharing great :-)

Lazy cow said...

Whatever you're not doing to your hair: it looks fantastic :-)

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Me Mon-Fri: DAY wear foundation and mascara, sometimes eyeshadow and lipstick to work. NIGHT wipe off with cleanser/moisturiser and face washer, clean teeth, fall into bed.
Me Sat-Sun: DAY try to remember moisturiser with sunblock. foundation etc only if going out socially. NIGHT - water splashed on face, teeth cleaned, collapse.

My god, woman, you have stamina!

MsCellania said...

I don't do 15 things to my face every night, just 3. Cream cleanser, anti-aging product and moisturizer. Oh, and eye cream.

The tops of my hands get the whitener and anti-aging product. My chest and neck get a very heavy moisturizer, as they are aging the most of anything on me. Major sun damage and various surgeries.

The feet get a good soaking every night. I use a plane on them to get rid of the hooves, and then Bag Balm (yes, it is for cow's udders!) or some other goopy cream, and socks to protect my sheets.

Teeth get the full 2 mins of brushing, then the floss then the rinse. One of these days I need to bleach them.

On nights I am too exhausted to do much, I use the wipe cleansers and slap on moisturizer. And brush teeth. That's it.

I have oily skin, but it gets dry in patches here in the arid climate. So I rotate skin care products so I don't over grease, over dry or over exfoliate.

And I am FAST with this stuff. Remember, I've been doing it 35+ years!