Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cooking & Shopping in Las Vegas

No Fear and Loathing here. No, Siree! We are
1. Cooking
2. Shopping, lotsa shopping.
3. Eating
4. Cooking
5. Going to multi-million dollar Parade of Homes, walking a Boston Terrier (with the heart and soul of a Much Bigger Dog) in Perfect Weather, down manicured meandering paths bursting with mountains of flowering rosemary; going to Cirque shows, entertaining friends, cooking old favorites like Roasted Tomatoes (Kim) and Rope Vecchia or Granny Pants (Joke); and eating, oh the EATING!
6. Loving the completely different flora in this heavily irrigated, desert landscape.
7. Finding a new brand of shoes that actually feel good on my feet - Taryn Rose.
8. Missing my husband and sons, terribly.

Life Is Beautiful.


nutmeg said...

I see you've embraced your "period of leave" with gusto. Good On You! It sounds a fanatastic way to spend some away time. Love the cooking, eating and shopping combo. Viva Vacation (sung in a good Elvis voice, of course) :-)

Paula said...

Yes indeed it is.

I'm glad you're enjoying yourself.

Lazy cow said...

Sounds fabulous. For some wierd reason I'm drawn to Vegas too (maybe one day...)

Carolyn said...

I tried to comment here last week and BLOGGER WOULDN'T LET ME!

What a shock, huh?

I'm glad you are having fun or maybe you are home by now in which case I'm glad you had fun. :)