Thursday, October 12, 2006

Friday Musings:

1. I am maintaining steadfast in my refusal to get roped into Show-The-Love with PTO. One of the first lessons in negotiating is the Guy Who Talks First, Loses. I remain unusually quiet. Then happily chirp "Oh! I will be out of town that week!" Which, luckily? Is TRUE! I am going to see my seester in Lost Wages, Nevada, end of October. But will be home in p.l.e.n.t.y of time for Hallowe'en. Of course.

2. The packratIlivewith has added Found Items to the pile in the garage. I wondered why the light fixture in my side (the 2-car side, need you ask) of the garage had been completely removed. Now I know; it's to keep me from seeing the crap that is slowly sifting its way back into our lives! Well, we'll see about that, Mister.

3. My Jewish Husband is sittting shivvvva (explanation for crazy spelling below) with our deceased projector in the media room. It gave up the ghost last week, in the middle of showing the boys the 3rd Star Wars movie - the one with the wookies or whatever they're called. I made the mistake of saying 'Dark Vader must've shot the thing' and now both of them are scared to death of the media room. OY.

4. Replacing this behemoth is going to be painful; to get the picture quality we've become used to is going to cost. Alot. But the technology must have gotten friendlier in the past 25 years (yes; this projector was an 80's model, I'm sure) and lord knows, lighter. I swear this beast must weigh 250 pounds. Or more. And pushing 15 buttons to get picture, sound, computer running etc., is way beyond my patience level. I am praying that we now have to push maybe 3 buttons and PRESTO! We're in business.

5. We had our first freeze last night - late for this time of year. We've gotten to enjoy a nice, long autumn. And it's supposedly going to be a cold winter. I hope so. It will kill off some of the bugs we've been plagued with. Deer Flies? In COLORADO?! The midwest's got nuttin' on us. Mosquitoes carrying the much coveted West Nile virus, fleas, ticks and termites? They LUUUUUURVE living here now.

6. I'm typing this and storing it in draft mode. Maybe 2nd or 3rd time I've done that, in fact. With blogger misbehaving, I'm thinking this may be a good feature to utilize.

7. Seems blogging is going a bit 'out of fashion' these days. Figures. I'm getting my second wind. I've also heard rumors that there is a Spanish search engine (?) or something that ignores 'no robot searching' commands. If I find that my blog has been pilfered and cached for posterity after I've gone to pains to keep it off the web, I'll find the fuckers and cap them. In fact, I should go up there and mispell sittttting shivvvvva so that doesn't cue a search. CRAPPE!


PJ said...

Yeah, but what about Jewish Husband and capping?

You know that will be on a seach somewhere.

I've had hits from leaving a toothbrush, woolyworm, and pennicillian shot.

I've said it before and I'll say it again; I like to walk on the sunny side of paranoia.

Sarah Louise said...

the sunny side of paranoia--now what would that be??

I just found out about the Spanish company--as a librarian, I am livid!

Blogging out of fashion? Egads, I hope not!!

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

What on EARTH is 'show-the-love'? Is PTO your school parent-teacher body? Is this some kind of Rocky Mountains community sex thing? (now THAT might get the Spanish bots working harder!)

MsCellania said...

Optimism, SL; Optimism

Bec, show the love is give them money and/or time, preferably both. Whenever they ask. And they ask, ALOT.