Monday, March 27, 2006

The Princess and the Pea

I must spend 5 minutes or more every night building a perfect nest to snooze in.

It drives my husband nuts. We have a ridiculous amount of sheet sets, blankets, comforters, mattress pads and pillows. Still, I search for the perfect combination every time I change the sheets. He has given up trying to help me change our bed but still insists on voicing opinions; "It's too early to switch to cotton blankets! Keep the wool one on!". But neither is chosen - I go for the summer-weight down duvet instead. He sighs and leaves the room. It's Going To Be A Long Night.

Then there is the Search For the Two Perfect Pillows 'O The Night. Only the children's pillows are safe from being snatched out from under their heads. I spend a few minutes flopping around, trying both sides. Then I start snooting around for the Chosen Knee Pillow for the night. It has to be thin, with the right case. (Flannel is too hot.) Some nights, I want a pillow for my back. Another search ensues.

Then there's the foot issue: How can you sleep on your back with your toes held prisoner by the covers?! I wish someone would invent a cover holder that provided that perfect amount of space for one's toes to rest unencumbered by the tucked sheets. If I pull the covers free from tucking under the mattress, I get tangled up like a shroud during the night, causing me to flail and practically hyperventilate. (I suspect it's my control-issue thing, but let's not go there this early in the morning.)

Does anybody have the perfect bedding, perfect mattress, perfect pillow?! Am I just nuts?

And CRAP! The down duvet wasn't the right choice - he was right. Back to the wool blanket, which I had put into the dry-cleaning pile. I noticed that youngest's bed looks like a rat's nest again this morning, too. He has inherited the neurotic-bedding gene by osmosis! ACK!


Carolyn said...

I thought you would have tons of comments on this post!

My MIL, who has back problems, has one of those adjustable beds.

I think the best bed is one that you don't have to share with anyone else. That way, you can sleep diagonally, hog the middle and use the fluffiest pillow.

This is my fantasy, not my reality.

daysgoby said...

While I was pregnant with R I couldn't bear having covers on my feet - we took a box and put it under the covers sideways so my feet wouldn't touch them.

I understand completely the Hunt For The Best Pillowcase.