Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

It's true. I'm leavin' on a Jet Plane. Without my husband, dear man that he is, or the boys. For four glorious days. I'm going to Las Vegas and don't care if it's raining or snowing there. THREE mornings to sleep past 6:30; FOUR days to shower without 2 sets of eyeballs pressed against the shower door, begging me to "Make an "R", Mommy!"; 4 days to have a daily constitutional (or 2) without somebody handing me toilet paper with a concerned look (thankfully, it's the boys, not the husband!); and the best thing: cooking and consuming SPICY HOT THAI FOOD! Yahoo! Crossing a Street without yelping "Watch for moving cars! Listen for cars!" although I may shout at my sister out of habit as we're jaywalking on the Strip.

So far, we have some diversions lined up: A leg wax and massage apiece and some down time at a day spa; reservations for lunch at some devine new place she has discovered; brunch for a good friend on Monday to celebrate his new US citizenship; and some visits to ethnic grocery stores to buy ingredients for all the scrumptious meals we will be preparing. AHHHHHH! I always travel with cookbooks and printouts of recipes (this time, I have tucked DAISY COOKS into my suitcase -- of course I am already packing!) and printed out Martha's recipe for Barefoot Contessa's potato salad from Martha's blog The Random Muse http://www.therandommuse.com/ At least when I visit my sisters I don't feel compelled to pack my Henckel knives. I swear, some people's knives! How can they cook without the proper tools?! Pots and pans that seem to be made from sardine tins so they scorch everything, ovens that are 50 degrees or more off temp, ACK!

But this isn't a post about packing and leaving, it's a post about printing out Two Boys' Schedule for my husband to live by in my absence. Four days and three nights. So far, it's 2 pages! And that's excluding cleaning and laundry, as why waste the paper? Or my time to type it.

Two Boys' Schedules
Thurs 3/9
8:00 R needs to be at school. He is Line Leader this week, and needs to take snack and a show and tell item. I have printed out his what/when/who/how and why answers. Take his Hanbok and 1st birthday photos, already in the Show & Tell bag, along with the Answer sheet. Snack is goldfish.
8:35 P needs to be at school. The usual routine of walking him to classroom.
10:30 Pick up R from school. Do NOT be late. He will have backpack and 2 other bags for show and tell and snack. I pray the Hanbok doesn't get misplaced. Lay it on Guest bed until I get home to put it away.
11:30 Leave house to pick up P. Drive up to front of school; do NOT get out of car. They will bring P to the car and hand you the sign out.
Noon: Lunch
1:30 Andrea's hour of speech therapy for R has been cancelled.
2:30 Have boys put on Rash Guard swimming trunks and put R's swim diaper on him, too.
2:45 Boys' swimmig lesson at the club. Lesson is from 2:55 - 3:25 w/Gretchen. You need to stop by front desk at the club and pick up a voucher for the swimming lesson, which you then hand to Gretchen. She turns this in to get paid. Take P's Tae Kwan Do uniform to change into immediately after swimming lesson! Don't forget his underwear. Take R's complete outfit.
Take portable DVD player, too. R will need it for diversion at P's TKO lesson. I plug the DVD player into the plug by the refrigerator and set the DVD player up on their shoe storage shelves. I bring a chair over and sit there with R on the floor.
3:40-4:20 Tae Kwan Do lesson for P. You have to quickly dress the boys immediately after swimming (I actually do this right at the pool, as R goes ballastic if he doesn't get to shower if you go into the dressing rooms) and hustle to the Tae Kwan Do lesson. P will be 5 minutes late to Tae Kwan Do, and will have to do 10 pushups because of it.
5:30 Dinner. Water with the meal.
7:30 Wind down.
8:00 Reading and Rocking
8:30 Bed time
8:35 Daddy's time for a beer

Friday 3/10
8:00 R School
Remember the snack bag and show and tell bag, as well as his backpack. His show and tell is Gordon and the 2 new express coaches. There is an answer sheet already prepared. Snack is grapes, oranges and apples. The bag is in the refrigerator already. Ryan takes the bus home today!
8:35 P School
10:45ish R arrives home on the bus.
You can watch for it coming down the long hill and then turning. Meet the bus at the driveway. Driver is Eddie, Aide is Janet. R will need a wind down time before going to get P.
11:30 Leave to go get P from school. Do not get out of the car; they will bring P to the car and hand you the sign out sheet.
12:00 Lunch
1:30 Take P & R swimming and review lessons.
The therapy pool will be empty at this time. The boys would enjoy a nice long shower afterwards. Remember sippy cups for ride home.
3:00 Naps! By Friday the boys are whupped and will nap Friday afternoon. In fact, they may fall asleep on the drive home from the club.
5:30 Dinner
7:30 Wind down time
8:00 Reading and rocking
8:30 Bedtime

Saturday/Sunday Nothing planned that I know of. You've had offers from Tina, my parents and Donna to come help with the boys. Rehearse numbers 1-10 in Korean with P (red book on kitchen countertop), and work on his routine if he can remember it. He needs practice!

Monday 3/13
NO SCHOOL for P and R
3:35 P needs to be at Tae Kwan Do I would take the portable DVD player for Ryan and plug it in by the shoe storage and refrigerator for R to watch. Otherwise, he will pester you for half an hour to leave.
7:30 Get the boys in their pjs.
8:00 Leave for the airport. I land around 8:30, but will advise you before I leave Las Vegas.

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