Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Guess which lamp cost the most!

Living Room Lamp

Master Bedroom Lamp

Boys' bedroom lamps

Dining Room Lamp

And below, Family Room Lamp.

Now, you tell me; which one cost $150? (There's one for $90, but all others were below $45, and 2 were below $25!!) Gotta Love Hobby Lobby!!


MsCellania said...

I cannot believe that friends who've actually been IN the house are emailing me, asking whose lamps these are! I know my house is frequently an incredibly disorganized mess, but gosh! Okay, I did have to clean off every table before snapping the photos.

Anonymous said...

Bedroom lamp

Carolyn said...

The last one looks the most expensive, but I bet you tricked me.

Anonymous said...

Second on the master bedroom lamp.

blackbird said...


I have no idea --
and it is quite a house!
We did show and tell lamps not too long ago - I can't remember if you played.
because I am bad.

MsCellania said...

Here is how these lamps priced out:

Living Room Lamp $23.95
Master Bedroom Lamp $23.95
Boys' Bedroom Lamps $90 (EACH! But I didn't buy them, my friend Pamela did. Yes, these are Previously Enjoyed Objects. My favorite kind of things)
Dining Room lamp $150 (It's a Stiffel)
Family Room Lamp $46.95

I swear, Hobby Lobby is the best place to decorate your house. We have huge trunks, pots, frames, mirrors, plants (so kill me for doing fake), doo-dads and so much more. From Hobby Lobby. Where everything eventually is 75% off.