Monday, March 27, 2006

And Dinner for All!

This is my much-loved bunny. Not caged, he uses a litter box. (forgive his patchy look; he's shedding) When I brought him his dinner, he ran around the room like the devil was at his heels, and ended up leaping into the air and just about landing in his meal. He snatched the nuts off the plate in the blink of an eye - and clicked his teeth in rapture when he was done.

This is the Bunster's dinner. Romaine lettuce, carrots, apple and pecans. When dh saw me plating Bun's dinner, he said "That's a better dinner than I had last night!"

The Man of my Dreams made not one but TWO macaroni and cheeses tonight; a tri-color bow-tie pasta w/regular semolina pasta and also a whole-grain (maybe quinoa and spelt) elbow macaroni. Both with a homemade roux-based cheese sauce, and onions and herbs. Yummy!

And I fixed his favorite vegetable, brussel sprouts. I baked them with olive oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper. They were so tasty.

The Bun wolfed down his dinner, as did everyone except for youngest. We took pity on him and offered him yoghurt instead.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend - it was windy here, but warm.

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