Thursday, March 02, 2006

Almost a tearless day. Almost ...

It's been five years and 3 months since we've had a day without some kind of crying fit. Five LOOOOOOOONG years. Today, I thought we had entered a new realm of perfection - No crying was heard. That is, until 6:26 when I was helping eldest remove his Tae Kwan Do uniform (outfit? Get-up?) and actually whipped his feet out from under him. I thought he was holding on to the hutch! Imagine both our surprise when he thudded on his slim little butt and gasped. It took at least 10 seconds for him to start crying, and then - HOLY COW! What a racket! I caught myself jiggling him at one point - For crissakes; that didn't work when they were little, either! I finally trotted him into the kitchen and found the homeopathic arnica and "Mr. Chilly", our always-ready ice cold gel pack. I got some arnica down him and he finally calmed down enough to warble "Th-Th-This is G-G-Going to Take M-M-M-More than M-Mister Ch-Ch-Chilly! MOMMY!" and the wah-wah-wahing started all over again. Tears were actually springing out of his eyes. Gees, I felt so bad. Our little one was trying to comfort his brother. He even brought him some ice water to sip on, and his older brother's favorite lovey.

Tomorrow is an in-service day at school. So there will be plenty of opportunities for crying. And the boys might find a reason to cry, too. I may proclaim the old standby "Hell, it's 5 pm somewhere!" and slip a little Bailey's into my first morning cup of coffee. Nah, probably not. I'm sure we'll get together with other desparate parents at a park and it just wouldn't do to have booze breath at 9:30 a.m. Unless you bring enough for everyone.

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