Monday, November 23, 2009

Turkey Day, yesterday

So now I've not posted again.
I could say I was way too busy cooking the early Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday, but that would be untrue. Dudes, I was sleeping, something I never do during the day. Four hours slipped by as I lay unconscious to the world.

The drugs one takes for Shingles is a true craps shoot. I'm on Valtrex and Neurontin, massive doses thereof. I have to take the Valtrex EVERY EIGHT HOURS and there is a finger wag that comes with the dosing instructions about that. So that's special. The anti convulsive is more fluid - "You can take up to THREE pills, THREE times a day!" said with some enthusiasm. Then I read the pamphlet of doom that always accompanies prescriptions, and it says 'Watch out for depression, thoughts of suicide and....' Noice. I'm on a drug that will make me crazier than the Agony Of Shingles.

What these drugs have done is add a blurry edge to everything I do, and my eyes sometimes jump around. I don't think I'll be driving, I hope I get some relief (haven't noticed much yet) and beg for walking without a drunken stagger, complete with bursts of incomprehensible muttering. Because? That happened a couple of times yesterday.

Oh - my beautiful, wonderful mother in law roasted a sublime turkey, two kinds of dressing, three kinds of pies; my husband whipped up sour cream/butter/mashed taters; my lovely sister in law made beautiful sweet potatoes, tasty greens with loads of garlic and olive oil, two kinds of cranberry sauces and relishes; and I spent half an hour making gravy. At least I can report that it was fabulous.

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