Friday, November 27, 2009

Thing I would Die For or Murder For

In No Particular Order:

1. I would die for my sons. From 10 minutes after I held them to 1 millisecond ago; I would take bullets for these two. On second thought, I'd catch those bullets in my teeth and then,

2. I would MURDER the worthless human being who would take a shot at them.

ah, we're back to...

1. I would die to find a person who could cut my flat as pancakes front/wavy in back thick, yet skinny, hair. I've not had a good hair cut in over 10 years, since my guy moved to Atlanta (Jon Bryant, if you're out there, get your knees fixed and keep cutting hair, okay?), and come to think of it...

2. I'd like to murder the next stylist who gives me a Jennifer-fucking-Anniston-do -- you know, the long bob with the layers beneath it? Yeah, that shitty hairdo that I. Keep. Getting. From. Every. Stylist. Even when I say, Do not give me that tired old bob with layers! They cut, snip, razor finish, twirl me around and voila! I sigh, get up, pay w/tip and go home and know that I will never be able to make it look decent again. Then I grow it out, try another stylist who suggests "Let's take off alot of this weight!" and bang! It's the Jennifer-crappy-do again.

Hmmm, seems a pattern is developing here.

1. I would die to have a really great ethnic restaurant around these here parts. You know, the kind you find in New York, San Francisco, Chicago or even Seattle, for cripes sakes. I know where I live is essentially a suburb of the Mid-West, but gees; do we all have to eat meh all the time? Everything here is 'for the American palatte'. And come to think of it...

2. I'd going to murder the next mediocre Chinese or Mexican food restaurant owner who opens up in a formerly not-bad restaurant that couldn't keep going in this economy. I know it's hard right now folks; that's why every restaurant has raised their prices a handy 20% over the last few months. I get it. But why landlords feel the need to say "Hey! Let's rent it out cheap to the 22nd Mexi-Chinese place in a 4-block radius! What a great idea!" is beyond me.

I had a really great point to this when I started. But my mind is mush. Travel and meds have taken their hefty toll.

As You Were.

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