Friday, November 20, 2009

In Shingles' Death Grip

Oh, You Guys.
I have Shingles. You know this horrible pain I've had, the 'spider bites' along my back on on my side? Those were not spider bites. The cosmos has smote me with something far more dreadful.
The pain finally got to the point where I would wake up and not be able to catch my breath. Yeah, bad. Big time bad.
So three prescriptions later, I am feeling a tiny bit of relief.
But I still am in incredible pain; it burns, itches and is numb all at the same time.
Get the shot, dudes; get the shot. Just ask for the Anti-Shingles Shot. Pay whatever they ask. You do NOT want this Shit.
And I'm blaming this on Robert.


Caro said...

OUCH. My Mom had those. I'm sorry you are dealing with them right now. I hope you feel better soon.

Stomper Girl said...

Oh no!!! Hope they clear up soon.

Miz S said...

Oh God, I have heard that it's horrible. Okay, fine. I will get that damn shot.