Monday, November 30, 2009

The Pantry Purge

It's fitting that this post would be the end of nablopomo for me.

Yesterday I spent 4 hours purging our pantry. At the end, there were three tall kitchen trash bags full of waste. And that's after pulling out everything that could be recycled. If the contents were oil, I did not try to recycle the container, however, and we had LOTS of 'designer oils' going rancid in there. Ugh.

I wish I would've thought to take a before photo. We had just gone through that pantry and pulled outdated stuff out a few months back, but I found plenty of stuff dated 2006 and 2007! I knew we were in deep doo-doo when I thought "Oh, this macadamia oil is from when those neighbors moved..." well, that was over 4 years ago.

I cannot tell you how excited I am. Of course, the only reason I could do this is because Ken is out of town. He called right as I was finishing, and I could hear the panic in his voice "Hey! You didn't throw out those 4 boxes of Ritz's, did you?!" Geesh.


canewton42 said...

After reading your comment on Badger's blog, I had to check out your pantry for myself. It made me miss the huge, walk-in pantry I had in our Arizona house. We're in Utah now, and while I do have a cold storage room in the basement, it's not the same. My pantry here is basically a closet. Sigh. Lucky you!

MsCellania said...

Thanks for your comment.
This is the first walk-in pantry we've had, and it's lovely.
Well, it wasn't so lovely when it was a mess, which it was for a long time. But, it's nice now!