Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Games

Sundays are all about creativity in our home; there are no video games, no screen time, no tv except maybe a movie if I have a deadline for something.

The boys get up, we snuggle for a few minutes and start playing. It's usually a gentle game with Cody that morphs into something that involves racing around and around the house rather quickly. Finally, somebody gets it in the tenders (usually the dog jumping on a napping daddy) and that signals 'It's Time To Make WAFFLES'. We have waffles every single Sunday wherever we are, even if they are Eggo. Well, I have Vans since I am the no-wheatie girl these days.

Our daddy left early this morning on his every-other-week business trip. Parker and Ryan got busy with legos. The stuff they build always amazes me. I used to get kind of mad that they were breaking apart the models they built right after they built them, but then thought; isn't imaginative use better than a dust collector? So, now I move dozens of different creations carefully, knowing if I knock something off, it will be noticed.

But the best game they played today was "The Chase Is On". They got out their old play food, and Cody would grab a piece and run away with it. The boys would chase him, yelling "Drop that Pizza!" or "Drop that Sushi!" and the dog would zig and zag, in heaven with them chasing him. He never broke out of a slow trot, of course. They were running full out. Cody is an Aussie, a herding dog. That beast has moves 'til June. Sometimes he does a 360 in mid air, just because he can. He frequently jumps over both Ken and I in bed - from the floor. We have a king-size bed, a high one. Today during the game, he would beat the boys back to their 'picnic' area, drop the current piece, and snag a new one; pausing to let the boys see the evidence in his chops. They'd scream anew, and The Chase would be on, again. This game lasted an hour.

I got my pantry cleaned out. FOUR kitchen trash bags, after recycling any parts that could be, made it out to the trash. You do notice the man-outta-town-woman-tossing-crappe theme here, don't you? After reading The Unhealthy Truth, I am again on a mission to feed us properly. Ken called from Maryland, and reported that he had found a health food store and shopped for good stuff for him too.

Now I'm whupped. But it's a good Whupped.

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