Sunday, January 07, 2007

A wind gust of 93 mph just hit - UPDATED!

and they are expecting gusts of 100 mph.
It's almost 11 p.m.
The high wind alert will go through 5 p.m. tomorrow.
The back of the house is shaking - kind of vibrating.
The boys are in bed with Ken, in the safest room in the house right now. The guest room. You can't even hear the wind in there.

I can actually feel the wind whistling through the house. If the house makes it through this without losing half the roof or gutters or something, I will be amazed.

This is spooky. The bed is actually shaking now. I've put survival type stuff - shoes, winter coats, snow pants -- by everyone. You know, in case the house blasts apart or something. And we have to make a run for it. And no way I'm sending the children to school tomorrow.

Life in the Rocky Mountain Foothills - it's everything it's cracked up to be. And so much more. I just hope this isn't a Dorothy experience for us. I'm completely out of red shoes...

It's now 10ish a.m. on Monday - and the winds have died down for a bit. I'm letting the boys sit at the kitchen table (a block of west-facing windows and an 8' high sliding door that shimmies and shakes like a go-go dancer on crack when it's windy.

And, thanks for your concern! It was very touching to log in today and read the comments. If things really go To Shit, I will set up shop in the Media Room. Which is bordered on the west by a 16 step stairwell, and on the east by concrete foundation walls. It's windowless, reinforced (with the special soundproofing) and my father called to remind me to go to an area that 'has a void' in the event of catastrophe.


My float said...

Wow, that's rather scary. I hope everything is ok, and that everyone is safe there.

Do these winds last long?

blackbird said...

- you'll keep us posted, right?

I mean, sometimes you drift away for a couple of days and this would not be a good time to not feel like posting...
I'm only saying.

Paula said...

Are you near ENCAR?

Put a twin mattress in the bathroom with the biggest tub and if it does start to come down you all get in there and pull the mattress over your heads (hurricane preperations from our coastal days).

And ditto what bb said!

Sarah Louise said...

Yes, keep us posted! I'll send you a pair of my pink shoes...

Hoping that by now the gusts are gone and the sun is out...


Sarah Louise said...

Still here--we got some snow (just a smattering) so maybe that's less for you?

Did you visit me and see the shoes I put up for you?

Joke said...

Stay safe!

(Hurricane season doesn't seem so bad, somehow.)