Sunday, January 14, 2007

January Catalog Lust:

No, it's not gardening catalogs, although that's a good guess.



Spring Break Opportunies for Parker and Ryan.
For those poor stuck-at-home youngsters who don't get to travel to Mexico or Vail for Spring Break, Boulder Valley School District offers a huge smorgasboard of choices:

Theatre, Dance, Art, Sports, you think?


Anime: Japanese Manga Illustration
Build Your Own Character
Glass Fusing Made Easy
Math Patterns and Sequences
Diorama Building
Studio Graffiti Drawing
Chinese Mandarin Introduction
Abrakadoodle's Young Masters Workshop
Cartooning for Kids
Impressionist Workshop
Writing without Rules
Intro to Rock Climbing
Multi-sensory Reading for Kids

Gees! I was hoping for maybe some fingerpainting or ball kicking. Now I'm sitting here, wishing I was 6 again -- What to suggest to the boys?!


sueeeus said...

What choices! Can I go to spring break with the boys? I would do the glass fusing and graffiti, manga, impressionist, and diorama, plus the writing without rules and then maybe the abrakadoodle. Actually, I'd look up the prices and talk myself out of all of them, and go to the library and check out diy books on all of the above. Sigh. Those damned cheap engineers.

Sarah Louise said...

Let's all be six and move to your town...sigh.

Paula said...

So you're assuming you'll be dug out by spring?

What class are you taking?

daysgoby said...

I'm with Sueeeus. See you at the paint table!

Glad you're okay and staying warm.

nutmeg said...

More snow last Friday - I must have just missed your post. The West is doing OK on its own ruining the planet - you're right when you mention China. When it fully goes online consumerist hell - its all over baby :-( Depressing. So too all that snow for you guys and the impending lessening of services to follow because of it.

But we can all forget about it for a while and join Parker and Ryan at the Diorama building or cartooning. I'm particularly there for the "Writing Without Rules"! Do they need a chaperone?

Carolyn said...

Rock climbing sounds good, math patterns not so good.

Sarah Louise said...

They all sound so fun, except for "multi-sensory reading for kids." I mean, who else would they be for? Certainly not working adults... That definately sounds like a class for remedial reading. I wonder how it could be re-named...

MsCellania said...

Sue - I want to go, too! We are going to take the 4-day Young masters art class that works with mixed media. I have a great book called It's Not the Product, It's The Process (don't know how to underscore) that gives a ton of idea for art projects for preschoolers.
sl - The multi sensory is for 1st and 2nd graders who are having trouble with reading - very astute of you, m'dear!
Paula - We are going to have bi-weekly snows for a while yet. I'm DONE looking at Intellicast to see what's up for the next 10 days - it is too depressing!
dgb - We are doing well. Just sick of the cold - it's difficult for the children to play outside as the snow is still so deep it grabs their boots off, and it's 10 minutes to get them suited and booted, and then only 5 mins outside!
Nutter - The US alone could bring the planet fully to its knees. We are energy PIGS. And I'm no better - we have a large house, 2 cars, etc. Sure we recycle, reuse, etc. Fact is we still rely on plenty of resources to keep the home clicking along. *sigh* I KNOW alternative energy sources will be found. I just hope they are not too late!
Carolyn - We are avoiding any math-like at this point. Messy art stuff sounds better to me.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

The Pea Princess is doing her one and only summer holiday organised activity tomorrow at the Museum of Contemporary Art: printmaking and bookbinding. Will let you know how it goes if that helps!

PS - re your comment on my blog about making dinners: WHERE were you when I had a four year old and infant twins? I would Sell My SOUL to Beelzebub for a neighbour like you!

Joke said...

Sueeus is right. Glass fusin' and graffitti. At dead worst, if the kids totally make a botch of it, your house will look like an alleyway in the South Bronx.


Lazy cow said...

I'm exhuasted just reading the list :-) They almost all sound wonderful to me (says the woman whose only organised holiday activity for the children was swim intensive classes for 4 days - which they loved). I wouldn't know where to start, but the art classes sound good.