Friday, January 12, 2007

Another Friday-Another Frickity-Frackin' Snowstorm.

It's beyond old and tiring. It's going to bankrupt our little town. All this clearing and plowing and sanding and salting - it costs alot. We've had over 70" of snow already this winter, all of it in the last four FRIDAYS.

Our town has applied for Federal Disaster Assistance. If we don't get it, there goes our summertime charm - you know, the events that make living in a small town enviable?

In our case, at risk are:
The beginning/end of summer ice cream socials at the pools.
The 4th of July parade and pancake breakfast (never mind that the pancakes are like hockey pucks - these babies are made to be air borne as our local police and fireman flip them dozens of feet into the air and even occasionally catch them and then - yes! - serve them!)
The 3 or so evening Concerts in the Park
Free swimming pool usage
Chili Cook Off
and other fun things

But the worst?
Our town will not have the money to do the extensive annual garden plantings that make our community worth traveling to just for floral photo ops.

And, really; compared to areas in Colorado that have really suffered losses (ranchers in particular have suffered huge losses of livestock, is this small beans? And should we all just suck it up and suffer? Probably. But, it is still hard to swallow.


Sarah Louise said...

Hope you get the Federal Relief--your town sounds really nice.

Glad you're safe, though.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Wow. Have you noticed that blogging really brings it home that the weather is screwed up all over the world? Every(blog)where I go lately there are people talking about either extreme conditions for the season, or extremely UNseasonable conditions for the season (like Melbourned getting snow at Christmas - wrong hemisphere, dudes!.

And yet, your country and my country have refused to sign the Kyoto treaty for so long that they need a whole new one to make it relevant.


Good luck with the Federal Relief - all of our governments seem better at providing bandaids than treating the cause!

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Err, Melbourne. no D. That'll teach me to rant!

Lazy cow said...

Here's hoping for your FDA assistance. I'm just catching up here, and I don't listen to or watch the news so I had no idea this was happening. Scary, but thank goodness you're all safe.

MsCellania said...

sl - I scoffed at this community before I moved here. (It's the Irvine CA of Colorado) - but it is a gorgeous, caring community.

bec - The fact that the biggest energy gobbler has NOT signed the Kyoto accord is criminal. And yes, the weather she is a-changing. From what I've read, it seems a natural cycle of ice age changes, but probably hastened 5000 years by unnatural factors. China's impending energy devouring, coupled with complete lack of pollution controls is going to really deal the planet a death blow. And our greed for cheap goods is driving the machine.

lc - We are fine. The weather storms and dumps 2 feet of snow, but this is a desert - we dry out again fast. The weather here is infamous for being 20 one day, 60 the next. (which makes gardening really difficult as the freeze/thaw endless cycle heaves plants out of the ground). But thanks for your concern.

sueeeus said...

Mercy! We had record winds too, and they crippled the city for a while, even more than the snow, because of all the power loss. I'm glad you're holding up okay. I love small towns and their fireman pancake feeds and chili cook-offs. Pig-in-the-Park was the name of the annual feast in the last small town where I spent summer time.