Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I stand corrected; the winds were 115 mph here!

I think that rates a
and an examination of the manse all around the outside today. I'm taking binoculars so I can check the roof tiles; noting where there are separations and nail pops, checking connections to the electrical box (just visually - no screw driver involved so relax!), making sure all vent pipes are present and accounted for, etc.

I know they build these houses with hurricane clips and engineer for them for Cat 3 hurricanes. Now I see why; we just went through one yesterday.


Paula said...

Glad you made it through!

Sarah Louise said...

So glad you are standing!! I clicked my heels for you

There's no place like home
There's no place like home
There's no place like home

and home with a quiet breeze. No more of those 115 mph, thankyouverymuch! Thanks for the updates!!

My float said...

Thank goodness. Holy shit indeed. Very glad you're safe and sound.

nutmeg said...

I was lulled into a false of security by our contact earlier in the week and I come to check in and you've nearly been blown away.

There's just something about wind that is truly frightening. A true force of nature. I hope it has calmed down today. All that snow and wind - you've lived through a nightmarish week. Hang in there - literally:-)

Carolyn said...

Goodness, 115 mph.

I'm glad the house is standing and you are all well.