Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Photos! New Haircuts and Lounging Around...

Lounging, sick, in the master bedroom. Where Parker also slept alone for half of the night. The other half? He was up and complaining, poor thing. He got a bad cold in the middle of the night. We had musical beds. Ken ended up sleeping in Parker's bed, feet hanging off. Ryan got a great night's sleep, however.

This is Parker's idea of lounging. He broke into full Tae Kwon Do routine a second later. Leaping and kicking and then falling over dead when Ryan said "GOTCHA" Isn't he a good older brother?! (Note educational Sponge Bob on TV. You betcha!)

Ryan, sporting a new haircut.

Parker's new haircut, side view. His hair is about 1" all over. Sleek, smooth, on his nice little noggin.

Another view of Ryan's haircut. Please note the size of this child's head! Chinese people are always rubbing his head, saying "Smart Boy!"


Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Lovely, lovely boys! And yes, certainly very smart too!

My GB has the Big Head. Maybe it's brains, maybe it's bone thickness, only time and a rugby career will probably prove it one way or the other in his case - all he and I can say for sure at this point is that it makes it very tricky to get a jumper off if it doesn't have a stretchy neck!!

(and I love to touch his head - is that weird? it's just such a lovely shape...)

MsCellania said...

I love BOTH my boys heads and rub their little heads all the time. Parker's is so nice and comfy when we read and rock - Ryan's ah- is not; it is a huge football shape (American football) and it weighs a ton. He is taller than Parker due to the noggin of his. And yes on getting any small necked shirts on Ryan - doesn't happen.

blackbird said...


I think my comment re your beautiful boys and gorgeous house did not post!

(I am sneaky that way - will be looking at handsome boys and also casually glancing at furniture and paint...)

sueeeus said...

Great haircuts, and I do believe I recognize those floral sheets with a beige background. I have the very ones! Let me guess. A Costco acquisition some years back? And that tv armoire looks mightily familiar as well. I don't have the exact one, but the finish is the same.

(I'm snooping in the background of your pics too. I love to see other people's homes and decor.)

MsCellania said...

bb - I love that you peek around. Those ever-seeing eyes of your :)

SueEE - Yes; those floral taupy sheets are CostCo Raymond Waites, the furniture is Ethan Allen. The Medallion collection with Biedimier finish for dressers, sleigh bed and bedside tables and the plain old American (forgot the name) collection for the armoire. We found another Raymond Waites with the exact midnight blue that is on our walls for comforter/shams etc. ON SALE. And it has leopard print and green/white stripy accent pieces.
Aren't you glad you asked?!

PJ said...

You must spend HOURS smooching on those chubby cheeks!

Suse said...

Phew. I too was noticing the fabulous dark wall paint as much as the delectable children!

Carolyn said...

They're GORGEOUS. I'm glad you finally posted them.

I like the striped pajama pants too.

You've been up a while it looks like. I will have to catch up on all your posts.

daysgoby said...

There's something irrisistable about their heads, isn't there? Especially after new haircuts.

I love the stripy pants too but am amazed noone else mentioned the tiles!

This is great!

MsCellania said...

Oh, the jammies are ancient, falling-apart Gap goodies. I am going to make the boys quilts and put all their favorite old pjs in them, which reminds me I need to snag some out of the giveaways box.
And the 'tiles'? That is expensive WALLPAPER that the designer put in this former Model Home, YES behind the cooktop, behind the coffee center, horrible stuff to clean. We are going to replace it when we re-do the kitchen, sometime in this century. As even though the house was built in 2000, it's got funky, pricey appliances, none of which worked for long. The general electric appliances? Don't buy 'em, folks. Unless they are made by DCS for Gen Elec. Then, okay.

MsCellania said...

Bed, Hannah Andersson has shirts with generous necks in them. Swedes must have big fat heads, is all I've got to say.
Oh, and suddenly with the brands, etc? My bravery for google searches.
HA! I found out how to Ix-nay the searches! You put a command in the Template, kind of towards the bottom.
There's a section called:

MsCellania said...

HEY! The bastids didn't let me post the command! Talk about Big Brother!

MsCellania said...

Trying again:
Kind of towards the bottom of your Template, will be a line all alone called
< Head >
You put in a command under it (but take out the spaces after and before the < and > I had to do it to try to get it to post!)
< META name="ROBOTS" content="NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW" / >

blackbird said...

so, do you put that command in every post?

I'm just wondering about random google searches all over your blog as you have posted pics of the boys...

MsCellania said...

bb-I have stopped searches of any kind on this blog. I think there are 12 cached posts that all have to do with something else. Now this blog is invisible to google. Boy, did I have to dig into the guts of the beast to get the information, too. I was a veritable pitbull about it.
So I think I'm too much work to get to for photoshopping adventures.