Sunday, September 03, 2006

I say, You think:

  1. Wiggle ::

  2. Face ::

  3. Adjustable ::

  4. Room ::

  5. Easy ::

  6. Store ::

  7. Maid ::

  8. 9 pm ::

  9. Challenge ::

  10. Debt ::

Here are Mine:

Wiggle: Room
Face: Value
Adjustable: Waistband
Room: to Grow
Easy: Livin'
Store: Bought
Maid: Servant
9 pm: Light's Out
Challenge: Fight
Debt: Free

Hmm, I see a theme of expanding girth here -

Stolen from Kim


Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

You see, you say "wiggle" and I have to say "wake up jeff"...

Carolyn said...

Get ready to wiggle. Do you watch the Wiggles?

We got the same one on adjustable.

momslo said...

Room- to grow -is what i thought too-wiggle- I came up butt!

PJ said...

adjustable=rate is what came to my mind. We just got our tax bill:(.

Sarah Louise said...

Easy:: Street (like the song from "Annie")