Thursday, September 14, 2006

I can post AnyThing. This site is private!

It just occurred to me, emailing someone just now, that I can post

This site is by invitation only. If you are here, you are wanted. Not a GODDAM old boyfriend, who needs to grow up and get a life.

So, No more 'My K, Oldest and Youngest'

We are:
Myself, (no mention of my first name on this site)
Parker (6)
Ryan (5)

We live in a beautiful area in Colorado, South of Boulder, Northwest of Denver, nestled in the windy old foothills. Those craggy reddish mountains directly West of our home? They are the Flat irons. (purposely mispelled to evade pesky web searches)

Our address is in a small town. Until this development was built, the little town was nestled along Rock Creek, and boasted 200 houses, stores and businesses. It was NOT charming. Blighted, more like it.

Now picture Irvine, California. Yes! Take away a hundred fifty thousand or so people, and all the humidity, and you have our Perfect Little Development. We have one of the few racially-mixed populaces in the entire state of Colorado (that isn't Chicano). Said mix being Asian - engineers from China, Korea, Japan, India, Pakistan, Russia, and many more Points East. There are lots of people from lots of places here. We have burkah-wearers, sari-wearers, scarf wearers and baby wearers. We have 2 "Jacob has Two Mommies" kids in our sons' classes. In EACH of our sons' classes. We have women who MUST be accompanied by a male relative to drop off their children at school. We have more than one parent who is on the phone or laptop the entire time they are dropping off their children, racing around like mad dogs trying to get better reception in this hilly community. Most parents walk their kindergarteners to class and home, pushing tone-y strollers if they have younger children. The parents range in ages from quite young to *ahem* barely middle aged.

But the Annoying Thing?

We have nut allergies in both classes! And Ryan? Eats Peanut Butter Sandwiches Every Day of the World. I have to practically bathe him after lunch! And re-brush his pearly whites.

But Mostly?

This is a great place to live, raise a family, spend money, spend time and energy. It has a drop-dead beautiful climate. People in this community are athletic, generally happy, helpful and very friendly. Downright Midwestern in its comraderie feel. Western in its location, climate and recreational lifestyle. We have a SuperTarget IN our town, and a huge, high-end mall 4 minutes away. And Starbucks, grocery, video store, cleaners, banks, nail salon/hair salon, restaurants, etc. in walking distance. (Hilly, but walkable)

And expensive. Like most places on the planet.

Photos to follow. This is So Cool. I can be Who I am. I can show you my beautiful sons.


PJ said...

So tell me, is there a little still a little italian place down the street from a place called the Blue Parrot but on the other side of the street? Luigi's I think.

Congratulations on lifting the veil!

MsCellania said...

Colacci's! Yes! Still there. Same family owns both places.

celestial opus said...

Umm..Sorry to burst the very happy well deserved bubble, but I'm not using a password and stumbled right in the door. But don't kick me out! It's quite cozy in here!!!

MsCellania said...

ACK! Thanks for the head's up, opus. I do believe I have shut the door now.

daysgoby said...

I'm so excited to see your beautiful sons!

Sarah Louise said...

I need to put you back on my blogroll--I keep coming to you via pj. Yeah, you're safe-r, but not completely safe--it's still the internet, ruled by google searches n'at.

sueeeus said...

I got goose bumps when I was reading your real names, like it was the big, bold, unveiling that it was! How exciting!!

That's a fabulous diversity mix! And by your description, I want to live there now too.

Lazy cow said...

Oh shit, I gave your address to ANother Nutter (the web name not a description!) because she asked me. Mea culpa (but I'm sure she's normal - in fact she's very nice).
I'll take you off my blogroll. Nice to meet you and your family :-)

Carolyn said...

There's nut allergies in my son's pre-school. It's one of the TEACHERS.

Let's take away gluten, dairy AND all nut products.

Snack packing is fun since I tend to bake with almond milk.

julia said...

dgb sent me the link - I hope that's ok. Can I add you to bloglines or will that cause issues? Email me and let me know - book_ish at yahoo dot com.

My cousin lives out there, in Bloomfield, I think. Gorgeous area, but man, the sky is HUGE!

I'm so glad you're back!