Thursday, September 14, 2006

Day-Off Thursdays

Ah, they are GLORIOUS!
Okay, it's really only Thursday Morning's Off, but to lie abed with your two delicious-smelling little boys, and play with their babies (favorite stuffed animals) and massage their lovely little bodies and kiss their velvety cheeks? Am I not the luckiest woman alive these Thursday mornings?

Our favorite parlour game the last few days has been 'Little Baby/Big Baby'. Oldest is Little Baby, just learning to walk. Youngest is Big Baby, and helps me take care of Little Baby. But Big Baby needs alot of attention, too (And frequently turns into a demanding 5 year old, right in the middle of play) We play in the living room (hence 'parlour game') and use the good pillows, sectional and wide expanse of carpeting to play out the following:

Babies Falling Off the Couch.
They take turns falling off the sofa, with many exclamations of horror and hurrying over to rescue from me, and subsequent ROCKETING back into the sofa, with no cares - NO CARES WHATSOEVER - that they are Little Babies; and would little babies really like to be rocketed back into the chaise lounge portion of the sectional, sure to break their little necks? No, not these little babies! I wear out after maybe 6 sessions of rocketing; they do weigh almost 45 pounds each.

Then we play "Little Baby Learning to Walk". Oldest draws a line in the carpeting, and admonishes me in his normal voice "I have to walk All By Myself to here, Mommy. And I'm going to take little baby step, like this." and he proceeds to show me how he is going to lurch and take tiny steps, but I am to 'have confidence and just hold out my hands'. So we do that, with Youngest lurching in front of Oldest and pretending to cry, which makes Oldest snap out of 'baby' and turn into 6 yo Big Brother, yelling "HEY! I"M THE LITTLE BABY HERE!" and giving Youngest a shove out of the way and then going back to being the 'cute little walking baby' after giving Youngest The Death Stare.

But Today? Oldest wanted to play a new game. "Mommy, pretend like it's the day I got here! You are picking me up at the airport!" so I held out my arms and said "Oh, Hello, my beautiful son!" and Oldest? Held up his arms to be picked up, then turned around in my arms, waved and said "Goodbye Korea! Goodbye Foster Mommy! I am going to miss you! I love you." and I burst into Very Quiet tears and hugged and hugged him. How did we get so lucky to have these children?

And now they are watching The Magic School Bus videos we got from the NEW LIBRARY which is just too beautiful and wonderful for words. The boys beg to go every day. It's That Great.


PJ said...

Lucky indeed. You make me nostalgic for when my boys were little.

Lazy cow said...

Oh lovely. Enjoy those special times. School holidays start this afternoon and I'm so looking forward to morning cuddles with no schedules.

My float said...

Oh what a lucky mummy you are indeed. And those boys are lucky to have you. The story about him waving goodbye to Korea and his foster mother had me in tears. I had to pretend I was very sad about something else!