Friday, June 30, 2006

What He WILL Eat.

It's been going around; this What My Spouse Will Eat thing. Babelbabe and Joke have done it; maybe others as well.

I can whup you all with what my spouse won't eat. Instead, it's infinitely easier to make up the very short list of what he will eat.

Salmon, cooked medium well done (I like it barely done and very juicy)
Scrambled eggs or well-done omelettes
Swiss cheeses and their direct relations, like Jarlsburg
Cheddar cheese, the sharper the better
Romaine lettuce, oak leaf lettuce and leafy green lettuce
Pasta of almost any kind
Olives - preferably black
Green beans
Bread of almost any kind
Almost any rice
Honey Gone Nuts Granola
Chocolate, banana nut or poppy seed muffins
Cherry Pie
Mosts cake
Dark Chocolate
Some cookies
Most nuts, but not Brazil nuts
Coffee with cream
Canned beans
Pizza with black olives, mushrooms and onions
He will eat Italian food and mexican food, but no meat of any kind
Will eat spicy broccoli Chinese food, some lo mein

You will notice there is NO flesh except for salmon. Few vegetables. Limited cheese selections.

I'm telling you, it's a bitch.


PJ said...

My husband will eat whatever I put in front of him. His deal is won't make any kind of choice as to what to eat unless we're at a restaurant.

PJ said...

He. He won't. Hey is won't a word? His deal is he will not make a choice. There, I feel better now;)

MsCellania said...

You are lucky. You got yours younger. I got mine at almost 30. He was already a vegetarian (which is fine) and had taste buds set in stone.

I was a foodie. Now? Not so much. If fact? Not at ALL. I am when I go to Chicago or Las Vegas (foodie friends and foodie sister, respectively).

PJ said...

Complete and total foodies here. Organic, everything fresh and local. We had pesto tonight. The basil was grown by me and prepared using estate olive oil. But yes, I'm lucky, his mother was and remains to this day a terrible cook, and she's pretty happy about that.

When we eat vegetarian it's more like eating mexican or italian for us. Another style of food. We have some pretty wonderful vegetarian restaurants here we really enjoy.

Sarah Louise said...

I can see years of food fights in my future if this is what y'all have to deal with.

Especially since my repetoire of dishes I make is so limited...

Well, at least this is one thing I don't have to worry about RIGHT NOW.

Suse said...

That is IT?

That is so sad. Not to mention difficult.

You have my deepest sympathy.

MsCellania said...

Tonight, I convinced him to try Shrimp Risotto at Village Tavern, a decent restaurant - we NEVER go out for a fancy meal, and tonight we did. We both had something different. His shrimp risotto was sublime. I was hoping he wouldn't finish it, but he scraped the plate clean!

So, I can add shrimp to the queue; not often, but occasionally.

Carolyn said...

Wow. I didn't know how well I had it until now. My hubby eats most everything.

momslo said...

See, I have the opposite problem, my Jim is a foodie and a incredible cook- but he also just eats ENOUH- me if it's good-I have to eat it till it's gone- hence, why I have to run my ass of everyday! Glad the Hubs tried something new and liked it!

Guess what? I posted today!!!

Happy 4th Vickee

My float said...

So do you cook different foods for him and different foods for you and the boys? I have the same thing happening here, although my little one did proclaim tonight "Nice.Food.Mummy". Which would have been even more wonderful had he eaten any of it. It was meat pies. I too was a vegetarian pre-baby. Now I just eat whatever scraps are around!!