Monday, June 12, 2006

There are two 5 year olds in our house for a month.

Our sons are not quite 11 months apart. Irish Twins. Of Korean Ancestry. These sons were not born of my uterus; they were born in my heart and adopted a year apart.

Oldest is an Old Five; he seems very much older than his years in so many ways, and so much younger than his years in other ways. Oldest is very sensitive and takes life seriously. Most of the time. He has learned that being the class clown is a cover up for extreme shyness. So we now have a serious goofball on our hands, if that makes sense. He also treads lightly on the planet. Unless someone spills something on him, his clothing remains pristine. If he sneaks into bed with us, he is considerate and tries not to wake us and will nearly always go back to sleep.

Youngest is a Very Young Five; he is just now talking in full sentences some of the time, entering into conversations at a very basic level, and able to trade niceties in two, possibly three word, exchanges. If it is a subject that interests him. Like trains, cars or crunchy carbohydrates. The expression 'sneakin' along' has absolutely no application for this child. He thunders and roars! I am woken daily to a very happy, sturdy little boy climbing into bed beside me, rooting around to get the most choice spots of the bed and pillow, and whispering "I want WAFFLES, Mommy!"

Yesterday, they started their Summer Adventure Day Camp at our neighboring town's rec center. It has about 45-60 kids enrolled, ages 5-10. I put some effort into picking out their backpacks, water bottles and extra clothing/hats/sunscreen/lunch/snacks. We did it together so they would know how to open everything and where their items were stored in their new backpacks. The 11 months between them seemed more like 2 years with their abilities to absorb the information I was trying to impart the last few days:
1. What to expect at camp.
2. How I expected them to behave.
3. Handling adoption questions.
4. Asking for help with toileting, etc.

Oldest? Asked questions about everything. Youngest? Begged for a movie during the entire exchange.

So I had 6 hours OFF yesterday. I spent at least 5 hours of that missing them.


PJ said...

Your boys sound so sweet. It makes me wistful.


Carolyn said...

Two five-year olds! That's pretty neat.

Six hours. I would have danced naked in the kitchen!

Sarah Louise said...

My sibs are Irish twins too. My sister was adopted and oops, Mom didn't realize she was pregnant! So they are January and December 1982 babes.

This might be why I'm not rushing into parenthood, as I was ten when they arrived. I was a ten year old live-in mother's helper. In some ways I feel like I've already been a mother (and my sister can attest to that!)