Friday, June 16, 2006

List Friday: What's Missing?

As suggested by Loretta

1. My mind, or at least parts of it.
2. The rest of that sentence I was just uttering.
3. The little sack of dried bay leaves I purchased not 2 days ago. The corned beef won't be the same without it.
4. The Jenny sweater I left in The Broadmoor in 1989, along with the panty half of a fancy Italian bra and panty set.
5. 3 sets of earrings; opal triplets, sapphires and 1/2 of a diamond stud set.
6. 47 pair of sunglasses, at least.
7. A one-piece swim suit that was flattering. Left in the pool cabana at my Chicago friends' country house.
8. Oldest's kindergarten interview appointment, sometime in August at 10:40 -day unknown. We can find out what day when teachers come back to school Aug 11. That leaves alot of days in August un-vacationable.
9. My box of tools! It's gone, I tell you!
10. A pillow sham. I tore the house apart looking for it 4 years ago. Didn't find it in the move 3 years ago. I finally gave away the matching duvet in utter disgust. And found the sham Last Week.


PJ said...

I'm still trying to figure out how to use the bad memory thing to my best advantage.

Sounds like a fun time at the Broadmoor;)

MsCellania said...

We were there a long time. I unpacked. Big Mistake.
And more than that I will not say.

blackbird said...

wish you had mentioned #7 a few weeks ago...

Loretta said...

I think #4 is the most interesting...and I can empathize wth the sunglasses.