Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Guess what I'm doing today!


No. Not Unpacking.

No. Not returning 13 phone calls or answering 39 emails.

I. Am. Polyurethaning. Hardwood. Floors.

1700 sf.

On the Main Level.

Jay-sus - I haven't been this exhaustsed in years. YEARS, I tell you.


Carolyn said...

I hope you have on knee pads!

Carolyn said...

I hope you have on knee pads!

PJ said...

I remember when we did that...10 years ago, so it's about time to do it again.

I get to do my countertops later in the week, if I can get out of bed.

And what Carolyn said!

MsCellania said...

Phfffft to Knee Pads!
I use Professional Lambswool Applicators. Frequently rinsed, squeezed of most water and then beaten mercilessly on our bricks to Barely Damp.

I'm sure the HOA will be sending me a finger-wag letter regarding the brick-whacking.

And speaking of knee pads - I saw a great bumper sticker:
Please - Somebody Hurry Up and Give Bush A Blow Job So We can Impeach Him Already!

My float said...

OH I LOVE that bumper sticker! It should be a worldwide campaign.

As for the floors - you don't believe in doing anything by halves, do you?!

PJ said...

Hey, how are those floors coming? I saw a bumper sticker once that said,
Ever stop to think...
and forget to start again?

Sarah Louise said...

My favorite bumper sticker

(she says, totally ignoring what the blog post was about)

is "Nice Brain."

Hope the floor stuff goes well.

daysgoby said...

you are INSANE, d'ya know?

Gee, and I always come home from vacation TIRED - so the solution is to spring yourself into a hated household chore?
Criminy, lady!

Carolyn said...


I saw that same bumper sticker today and was going to blog about it.

Parallel lives, insert spooky music here. Ha ha

MsCellania said...

I see great bumper stickers all the time here in the Land of the Enlightened.
Yep, all these bearded types, driving their gas-guzzling SUVs with Thule Toy Totes (those canoe-shaped coffin things that get strapped to tops of SUVs, to carry Ever More Stuff Made in China, ya know?) with bumper stickers that tell Me How To Live:

"Hate Is Not A Family Value"
"Put Down Your Phone and DRIVE"
"Imagine Using Your Turn Signal"
"Hug Your Kid Today" (Gee; I'll just give him the usual Uppercut to the solar plexis)

And so on.
Meanwhile, they are One Guy In A Car, our State's 2nd biggest pollution source.