Sunday, June 25, 2006

We've Waddled Back!

YES! Back from To Hell and Back.

The trip in a nutshell?
1. No Planes, 2 trains.
2. Lotsa Automobile
3. A blow-up mattress & pump
4. Four Slightly Seedy Sleeping Accommodations
5. A few ailments
6. Swimming pools with crystal clarity - devine.
7. Swimming pools with bad test results - not so devine. Baths for all. Scrubdowns, in fact.
8. Korean Heritage Camp - the experience has left me speechless with emotion.


PJ said...

Hey! You're back! Did ya miss us?

daysgoby said...

YAY! You're home!
Actually, I finished up most of the jam tonight - I made gingerbread, and used it as a sauce (heated through in the microwave, with a bit of butter and cinnamon mixed in) but will probably make cookies soon - good idea!

My float said...

the camp sounds terrific. hope you post about it. good to have you back!

Joke said...



Carolyn said...

More details coming when you have time, right?

Not that I'm nagging or anything.

Sarah Louise said...

what Carolyn said.

and Welcome Back!

(as opposed to Joke's exclamation which is short for the TV network I don't get on my TV...)