Sunday, August 19, 2007

I feel strange

Ryan resting at Left Hand lake.

Ryan starts kindergarten tomorrow.
I feel strange - not sad, not worried; just-strange.
How can our youngest child be in kindergarten already? Never mind that he is 6, has lost 5 teeth (while his older brother remains a Tooth Virgin) and may tower over his classmates - he is young. His kindy teacher came to the house to meet all of us this past Friday. Ryan hauled her up to his room and showed her his treasures - his tooth fairy box and his books. Our speech therapist was here too, and they chatted out at their cars for awhile. I always wonder if the therapists say "Ryan is doing great but that mother is an eternal annoyance."

Parker at Left Hand lake.

Parker is entering first grade tomorrow. For some reason, I am fine with this. We have the obligatory New Lunch Box, complete with metal water bottle and re-usable environmentally friendly containers. In which I may even occasionally pack a healthy lunch. We have $100's of new school supplies, which have already been dropped off and loaded into his New Desk. Yes, one gets their very own desk in first grade. And their own supplies. Had I known that, I would have labeled every blasted pencil. Not because they are special; because those fuckers are SHARPENED. Do you know how long it takes to sharpen thirty-six #2 pencils?

We don't have new clothes, or new haircuts. We'll get those in early September. Maybe then stuff will be less expensive, and school photos are end of September. Even a bad haircut looks good after 2 weeks, so we'll get those haircuts 1st or 2nd week in September.

I hope to snap some photos tomorrow morning. I'm letting the boys pick their own outfits -- please take that into account as you look at the photos!


paula said...

Hug then both tight and then hug them again for me. Time passes much to quickly my friend.

nutmeg said...

Good luck all of you for tomorrow (I'm thinking it's already happened by now!) Well, I hope it went well. You've given some good tips there - name the sharpened pencils, haircut 2 weeks prior to photos!

P.S. We all love wearing our pj's right through the day at school holiday time though I eventually get a little self conscious thinking someone's going to knock on the door - they never do when you do change to day clothes ;-)

Caro said...

Where's those pics woman?

You are a staunch advocate for your children. I doubt you are a pain in the butt. And even if you are, it's worth it. :)

My last baby starts kindnergarten next year if he's ready. Time definitely does fly.

sueeeus said...

Ohhhh, it's such a big turning point when they're off to school. How quickly they grow up!