Monday, August 13, 2007

Finally, Fotos!

Ryan, proving he can read anywhere

Ryan and Parker at the Club pool.

Ryan perching on a rock at Rainbow Lake

I have been lame to the extreme in my photo offerings of late. Again with the 'lost the cable' excuse. We have been taking video this summer and letting the boys capture their own shots with their digital cameras. And guess what? I have LOST THEIR CABLES! Grrrrrrr.


My float said...

Hmm...Ryan likes the perching thing! Is he in trouble in that first photo? It looks like he's on the "naughty stool" and working out a way around the inevitable boredom! Clever boy!

And both of them look so cute by the pool. Ah, wonderful years...

MsCellania said...

mf - HA! That is so funny that you reckoned he was in trouble; proof that you still have a little one. There hasn't been time on a naughty chair for years. Now, we don't get past 'That's ONE!', anymore. They know I mean business. If I get too annoyed, I send them to their rooms, but they have to do something really dire to get that.

Yeah; these are the gravy years.

Joke said...

Ryan looks as if he is the victim of a hypnotist.