Thursday, August 23, 2007

Taking a break!

I'm off today to Las Vegas to visit my sister. She has a few fun things planned - an immediate visit to the Dim Sum place upon my arrival, shopping the next day with a lunch at Bellagio, swimming on Lake Mead on Saturday and possibly a show in there some time as well. But, more importantly, there is down time in there for me! She is going to work out and/or ride her horse, leaving me to rest, read or whatever.
A L O N E.

Doesn't this sound like heaven? I love my family. And I'll love them even more after catching a break!


Caro said...

Oh wow, have fun!

Dim sum, heavenly dim sum. I love it!

Alone time ain't so bad either.

paula said...

Have a wonderful time!

bec said...


are you back yet?

My float said...

Oh wow. Have a great time!

Joke said...

What's this "alone" of which you speak?


Miz S said...

Oooh! I hope you went to the Grand Canyon, which is my 2nd favorite place in the entire world.