Monday, August 13, 2007

Summer Vacation, Jammies all the time.

Same day, different pjs.

GameCube Playing Styles, around noon today

Nightly reading in the Guest Room with Daddy, around 8:30 (okay, probably closer to 9 - we have to move up bed times THIS WEEK or the boys, they will be toast next week with the start of school... )

Honestly, the boys were dressed in street clothing for about 4 hours today. We were supposed to go to the library, but I was too tired. Today, for some unknown reason, I decided to try a new way of deep cleaning.
Slow Vacuuming.
Yes, you read that correctly. I, who does everything at lightning speed, decided that once a month I will vacuum very
to deep clean the carpeting. And my gosh the stuff I got out of the rugs. You should try it. Ken said it sounded like occasional popcorn. Of course, this took an extra hour.

I do fall cleaning. So now I will tackle baseboards, walls and cobwebs. I already cleaned woodwork, ceiling fans, cabinet fronts.

Could this post possibly be any more boring?


sueeeus said...

When would you like to come over and clean my house? You're so GOOD at it! (That's what Gadget says with regard to why he doesn't do laundry -- because you're so GOOD at it...)


Seriously, I wish I had the oomph to make my house as sparkly as yours. I had menfolk company this weekend and see that the bathroom floors are in SERIOUS need of disinfectant scrubbing. Bleccchhhh. I don't dare go barefoot in my own house. Blecccchhhhhhhhh! Why can't they just sit like the rest of us civilized people.

Sorry for the tmi tangent. Love that photo of R on the stool.

paula said...

My house first!

Caro said...

Ladies, stand in line. Your houses can't be as bad as mine!