Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day 2007 - A Day to Remember

Riding Tony the Pony and The Trike

Making a caterpillar cake

Three Cousins, a/k/a The 3 Stooges

Two Real Smiles

Two cheesy smiles


Caro said...

I love those cute boys and that cake!

How do I make that cake?

MsCellania said...

Bundt cake, cut in half and then put in the shape of an "S". Green food coloring in white frosting. Licorice whips (or split apart Twizzlers) and Dots (gum drops) for decoration. It was SO EASY. I used lemon cake mix. And BIG jug of premade frosting. Green and yellow food dye or else you end up with Maaaatha Stewart green - not caterpillar-y at all!

paula said...

So. so CUTE!

daysgoby said...

What smiles! What cake!

Love the picture with the amazing runaway horse and the speeding tricycle...

Happy Summer, V!

sueeeus said...

It all looks so idyllic. So harmonious. I love it. You're a great mom, and a lucky mom, to have such fine boys.