Monday, May 21, 2007

I don't know about you, but

I cannot wait for SummerTime to get here.
I am completely weary of our school routine. The morning playdates. The dash to get Ryan on the bus, fed, dressed and shod. Not always easy. The hour-later trek to get Parker through the kindergarten door with the Proper Paperwork - who knew there'd be So Much Paper for a kindergarten fellow?
But the real reason I'm fairly drooling in anticipation for summer?
YES! More than 1.5 hours all to myself!
Last summer I had lofty plans. My Gonna-Do list was astonishing in its proportions.
This year? I know better. All-day summer camp is only 18 days in 2007. And I am thinking I may just lay around and read.
Oh yeah; and there's Korean Culture Camp in June.
And Lake Buena Vista in July.
And trips to see family and friends in different States. Traveling with bigger kids is so much easier than the diaper bag/stroller days of not so long ago.
Ryan will still have 4 therapies a week. That won't change. But I am so looking forward to hanging out at the lake and pools; visiting the new Sonic drive-in that looks like it will open soon and firing up the barbeque almost every day.
We are about ready to begin construction, too. More on that, later.
And photos later, too.


paula said...

Hey there girly! Glad you're back!

I was telling a friend of mine this morning that I think I actually breathe slower in the summer time. I love summer, it is my friend.

nutmeg said...

Glad to read you again Miscellania. I hear you on the goodness of travelling light once the kids get older. I can just see the light at the end of that tunnel - no portable cot, no nappies, no stroller, no tonnes of foodstuffs, etc etc. We may even be able to go away for a few days without putting the pod on top of the car!

I VERY much like your idea of taking it eay and reading some books after a hectic period be kind and a little indulgent of yourself - you've earned it.

And I loved the sneaky peak inside your fridge and cupboards. Mmmmmm Pesto :-)

Suse said...

Oh you're back! Goody goody.

Your post made me wistful. You're heading into summer as we are teetering on the brink of winter here.