Thursday, July 05, 2007

We Have Succombed:

I cannot believe it.
Ken and I have decided to purchase a Gamecube or some other such thing for Parker for his birthday.
Plus a couple of games.
Someone said "Forget the Gamecube! Get them Wii!"
I think NOT.
The first time I tried that Wii thing, I ended up nearly destroying someone's brand-spanking new plasma TV! The remote flew, FLEW, I tell you, out of my grasp and skidded across their TV screen. And the worst thing? I didn't get another turn! YES! The punishment, no matter whom, for such an indiscretion was not getting to play for the rest of the day.
So we are thinking Gamecube.
I have no idea about such things.
Do you have to buy extra memory for the thing?
Can I trust the salespeople at Best Buy or some other Biggish Box not to 'see me coming' and load me up like the true rube that I am?
Any and all advice greatly appreciated. The Big Day is the 10th. So only a few days to decide What To Do.


paula said...

The kids at Best buy are big nerds and only interested in showing you their encyclopedic knowledge of all the systems. So yeah, you can feel pretty good about going there.

blackbird said...

I think you'd be wasting your time with a Wii. Youngest has one and it's not so easy to use (of course he's amazing at it, but he's 13).
Our 7 year old nephew couldn't really manage it...

I'd agree with Paula about the help at Best Buy.

MsCellania said...

Based on my flinging of the Wii tool, plus the info from you bb, we went with the GameCube. Which we got at
BEST BUY based on your 2 recommendations. Thank you so much.
And we got the two Star Wars Legos games.
SHIT! Parker can read and I think he was reading over my shoulder! As he's now running screaming with glee all around the house!
Grrrrrrrrr - no more blogging while the children are watching tv - as they aren't.
Watching tv. They are reading what I'm writing.

Caro said...

Wow he must have some good eyes.

sueeeus said...

Mr. Gadget keeps hinting about a Wii, but I continue to ignore him. Good luck with the GameCube thingy!

I am so anti-electronic-game-thingies, but I suspect that in a few years I will be bombarded with wailing, whining, requests for such, and will most likely cave, since I am, after all, married to Mr. Gadget, the quintessential game-thingie-enthusiast.

nutmeg said...

I'm glad to see that you went with the advice already given as I would have had zero to add haha! We're into My Little Pony here - where to next only the damn advertisers and toy companies know ;-)