Saturday, July 21, 2007

A little slice of heaven.

It was a little slice of heaven.
This place Rainbow Lakes Resort.
Pictures to follow, which are on Ryan's camera and, well, we haven't quite found it yet! I know it's here, just - where?
The resort is above 9,200 feet, and features warm days and very chilly nights. I drove up with Parker, Ryan and my mother. Ken was in Florida, buy a car. A 2006 Audi A4 Cabriolet, in silver. With low miles, one owner, blah blah blah. (It has yet to be shipped so haven't seen it.) He and my father drove up on Saturday. Which left my mom and myself to set up camp, so to speak.
We did quite well, except for a couple of things:
1. We did not complete the equation that if one finds a small furnace in a cabin, there just might be a thermostat which controls said furnace somewhere about. And that it would be turned down below 50 degrees during the day...
2. We took the sign by the commode that read "Our septic system is fragile. Please do not flush any paper." Very. Seriously. As in - NO PAPER. which was fine with us, being diaper-changing women and all, but which threw the boys (and eventually, the grown men) for a Huge Loop. And which we found out from the resort owners was for a #1 case only - definitely not a #2 situation. In the meantime, my mother and I were doing a lot of boy butt-wiping and alot of triple-wrapping of toilet paper, etc. Yes, Ewwwwwwwwww. Thankfully, the men folk were simply NOT going #2 and were much, much relieved when we trotted back with the information "YES! We can flush paper for #2!" There was a stampede for the facilities after this pearl of news!
About the no-heat the first night: It got down below 50 in the cabin. WAY below 50. I put the boys in my bed and tried to sleep on the blow-up bed. Which of course, was the same temp as the air in the room - FREEZING! When we accidently found the thermostat the next morning, life became much better. And we felt duly humbled.
But as to the rest of the vacation? It was perfection. Long days filled with fishing, boating, hiking and snoozing. Tasty, simple meals prepared on a very tiny gas stove. I read 3 books in the 4 days we were there. And the great news is that I've continued reading since we've arrived home.
We just happened to drive into Buena Vista at 10 one morning, and there was a rodeo parade! Complete with tiny-car tooting and zooming monkey-hatted Shriners! (What happened to the Harleys on which they used to scoot?) And lots of kids on their groomed-to-the-nines ponies and horses, or tugging goats/alpacas/sheep/calves on ropes. So sweet. And crowds of really old folk clapping each other on the back, obviously friends for all their lives. Then a trip to a bakery that served up high quality baked goods - not easy over 8000 feet altitude. We purchased a few yummy treats to make mornings at the cabin special for the next few days.
There was lots of exploring, walking sticks to locate and customize on each hike, wildlife to discover (Deer! Elk! Beaver! Fish!) (Thank God no Bear or Cougar!) and at night - a bonfire to experience. We let the boys put sticks in the fire and then 'write' with the fiery end. They played around that bonfire for 3 hours and finally fell asleep on long log seats around the fire. We met people who had been coming to the lake for 45 years; people who had spent their honeymoon at the lake and conceived children at the lake; people who were first-timers like us and who also vowed to return annually.
And we will be returning annually. At least! We have reservations for next July and are considering making a long week-end reservation for September of this year when the aspens are changing.
We took some photos and lots of video. I will get around to editing this post with photos or posting anew with the photos

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