Friday, February 23, 2007

Our local organic food store has gone to the Dark Side!

I have loved shopping at Wild Oats for years. It's an organic grocery chain that started in Boulder, from a market called Crystal Market. It has grown and carved out it's place. A big pull for us moving here was that Wild Oats has its flagship store here. Well, I noticed last time we went in that the front lobby, usually a beautiful big display of the specials that week (non-perishables) was empty. It looked like a dance floor!

Then I heard last night that Whole Foods and Wild Oats are joining. I like some of the stuff at Whole Foods, but Wild Oats prices were better, and they didn't have the 'tragically hip' shoppers! I know that sounds snobby, but every time I go into Whole Foods, there are Piles of People trying to look so cool - the kids with rastafarian dredlocks, bare feet etc, grazing out of the bins; the Metrosexual Dudes hoping to meet the Great Golden Vagina in the deli section - the Earth Mothers with their total undisciplined and over indulged child "Oh, we don't want to ruin Little Jasmine's Spirit so we just let her do as she prefers - have you heard of You're Not The Boss of Me?!" GAG - yeah, it's for LAZY FUCKING PARENTS, ASSHAT!

I fear for our local, perfect Wild Oat now Whole Oats Wild Food - what will it become? Do those Tragically Hip types just appear, like the folks who used to Follow The Dead around (Grateful Dead, for you young whippersnappers), selling baked spuds and Dead Keepsakes?

I am just praying this explains why I have been unable to find Kafir Lime Leaves the last couple of times I went in to Wild Oats - they just weren't restocking the exotic stuff in plan for a huge re-stocking of all things lovely and wholesome. Please, please please...


paula said...

I hate when that happens. Our local lovely opened a mega-big store on the ritzy side of town and all the prices in my store went up to pay for it:(.

Sarah Louise said...

This is where I don't gush about how I love WF.

I hope it all works out. Today I went to the 'Sliberty Giant Iggle, where the normal folks go--I could find things n'at. I still spent more than I should have--drat, why they gotta put magazines that have ORGANIZE in big letters on the front? It's worse than chocolate!!

Does Wild Oats have their own brand? B/c WF seems to morph brands--like when they merged with Fresh they have the 365 brand but also the WF brand...anyways, I don't understand grocery shopping at all.

I have rambled too long. Hope it works out well.

nutmeg said...

A complete service organic market opened up recently near us and I am in raptures at how I can everything I want in one place. See, organic and good - at my convenience please ;-)

I hope yours doesn't change too much. I do hate it when something that fits just right changes - especially in the food department!

Oh, and I also know about those "types" - I spent the latter part of my teens living in a village where they are "grown" :-)

My float said...

Don't you hate it when that happens? Hopefully they'll offer even better products and a greater range.

Is it feasible for you to grow a kaffir lime?

Your descriptions of those 'types' cracked me up. Great golden vagina - hilarious! Please don't tell me there's a new child rearing philosophy called You're not the boss of me. I'm off to google.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

We're never short of kaffir lime leaves so if you become permanently short I'm willing to see if the customs at your end and mine let some through in the post!!

Caro said...

Whole Foods does have a certain clientele.

I hope your store doesn't change too much.

julia said...

*snort* Man, you've hit the Whole Foods clientele right on the head.

Lazy cow said...

Let's pray the Great Golden Vaginas stay away from the store (I love that phrase!)