Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Lost-My-Virginity Day! Yippee.

Not today.

37 years ago today, I was asking my eventual ex-husband "Is that IT?!!"
And Lo, It Was.

And that's all I'm sayin' ...


Paula said...

Um...Happy L-Y-V Day!

Or not?

Badger said...


Mine is November 5th. In case you want to send a card or anything. And holy crap, it'll be 25 years ago this year!

I did not marry him, though.


MsCellania said...

How could TEN SECONDS be a memory?! I remember planning for it (left the boyfriend out of the loop, lest he try to move up the day. I remember feeling totally robbed, lied to and wondering where the fireworks were.

Badger - I'll send you a congratulations card early November. For NOT marrying your first score.

Caro said...

Ha ha ha ha. That's along the lines of the same thing I said the first time.

What a let down!

Miz S said...

Shit! You guys know the actual date of your lost virginity?? That's funny.