Monday, February 12, 2007

If You could plan your dream 'Outdoor Room'...

If you were to design and construct your Dream Outdoor Room (possibly 3 season), what would be in it? Assume covered with a 'Dry Below' ceiling (deck above), and sliding door access on lower right side. We live where it gets below zero(f) occasionally, but the room will be shut down during those months (3).

What are your must-haves?

Would you do a fireplace?

A BIG MoFo barbeque, natural gas? (v. lp gas)
Another BIG MoFo barbeque - wood fired?
Is there such a thing as a sink/refrig combo?
Stove cooktop? How many burners?

What upholstery covering for furniture?
Cast Iron with removable cushions?

Water Feature?
Ceiling Fan?

I'm thinking this is our Next Big Project.


Paula said...


My float said...

Oh lovely, designing stuff.

Let's see. I'd have a fireplace for sure. I wouldn't do a BBQ because I think it would get too smelly, so I'd have a wheelie type that you could bring in and out. Otherwise you'd have greasy meaty smells through the house.

Upholstery? I'd do a thick cotton upholstery in a lovely minty green. Alternatively, a navy and cream stripes, maroon and cream stripes or dark green and cream stripes. Or maybe a lovely moroccan theme.

Removable cushions, definitely, especially wtih kids in the house! A ceiling fan would be lovely. For lighting, I'm very fond of inset lights, soft and not too dramatic.

How's that?

Badger said...

Oh Lordy, I could write a novel. We are planning this, too. It won't be our NEXT big project, but it will be very big indeed, and we've been planning it since we moved into this house. I have a feeling it won't get done until the kids are in college!

Ours will be half enclosed and half just covered, fireplace in the enclosed area, outdoor kitchen hooked to the gas line in the covered area, not sure about furniture yet but DH wants wicker (oy). We don't completely agree on the aesthetics yet.

Carolyn said...

A few bookshelves?

A place to mix the margaritas?

Suse said...

Dark wood ceiling fans with rattan inserts in the blades, rattan and wood furniture (you know, the dark Jacobean wood with rattan inserts), Moroccan lamps, cushions with Arabic style covers and similar rugs on the floor. Low low coffee table for serving thick black coffee and mint tea on. Brick dome bread/pizza oven barbecue thingy. Wooden shutters on the windows.

Can you tell I have dreamt of this?

nutmeg said...

Mr J and I dined in this beautiful old pub in the wilds of the south island of New Zealand and it had a room out the back that was half indoor/half outdoor with open fireplace and rose coloured wood everywhere. The place just oozed warmth. It was so inviting. But the best part about it was that the lower half the sloping ceiling was glass. It let in the most beautiful filtered sunlight and you looked up and saw the tops of the trees outside. I have a dream of doing something similar in our sunroom!

daysgoby said...


A little rocky path, with good-smelly herbs stuck between the stones, so when you step it wafts up to your nose.