Saturday, March 03, 2007


It's Difficult to:

1) Comfort my husband long distance
2) Imagine what my father-in-law's funeral service was like
3) Be ill and entertain 2 slightly ill children
4) Dye my hair in the dark (it made sense at the time)
5) Start packing for Hawaii - it's been pretty cold here
6) Shop for spring/summer clothing for myself with the Wild Boys in tow


paula said...

Just take your time and be sweet to yourself.

Still sending love and care your way...

daysgoby said...

Oh, honey.

Caro said...

When will your husband be home?

It sounds like you both need a hug.

nutmeg said...

Yes. All hard. I was sorry to hear of your husband's dad passing away. My girls are very attached to their grandparents (one side in particular) - It's hard to think they won't be around forever.

Hugs to you Miscellania. Your holiday will help you "come together again". Hope it's restorative on many fronts :-)