Monday, March 19, 2007

No more bloggy goodness

The breaks I've taken from blogging are becoming more of a permanent thing. We have an outdoor room and landscaping to plan and build, vegetable gardens to plant, and I've got to get my carcass into a serious work-out routine.

So, patchy blogging ahead. I'll still read your sites, comment when I can.

Goodbye for now.


My float said...

OH NOOOO. I love reading your stories. I'm sad you're stopping, but I understand. Hopefully it's not a permanent thing. Loads of hugs and best wishes.

(But please come back!)

paula said...

Well crap.

Please do visit and let me know if you're posting again.

Take care!

Caro said...

Boy do I hear you.

Spring is here and I'm doing some serious exercising myself.

I will keep checking your site though.

I'll take what I can get!

nutmeg said...

I will keep checking in too. Yes. Have your time to do those other important things but do check in with us too occasionally. We may see more posts from you come winter time again :-)

Lazy cow said...

I just emailed you. So we don't get details?
I do know the feeling and sympathise. Those bloggers who have been going for 4-5 years, I really don't know how they do it!

Sarah Louise said...

Make sure you come back!!

My float said...

thank you for your lovely words of encouragement. I'll be asking for some interior decorating suggestions in the next couple of weeks - would love to hear what you think. also would love to hear how you're going with that back room of yours, and what you decided to do with it.

sueeeus said...

Have fun! I dream of an outdoor room one day. :)

Caro said...

Still checking.

Joke said...

This is more than patchy.


Anonymous said...

I cut way back on reading blogs the past two months and have lost 13 pounds! I swear they make you fat! (well, the sedentariness does)

Good luck with your new *active* adventures!