Monday, January 04, 2010

This I Love:

This time in the tub:

This body soap:

These boys:

This DogBert:

This Man:


MsCellania said...

In public response to the person who emailed me, incredulous that I have a lamp by my tub -- 1)it's unplugged unless it's night, 2)I'm reading in the dark and 3)the door lock is engaged. That locked door is my clue to "oops, unplug the lamp" in case I forget.
It is also a reminder to my bath-loving spouse that he better toe the line, or I'm one toss away from widow. Heh heh heh.

Miz S said...

I love how dogs will wait in the bathroom while you bathe, shower, or whatever. Also, damn, that's a nice big bathroom!

Caro said...

Great tub! Your gorgeous boys are growing up too quickly.