Sunday, January 03, 2010

Disengaging the Holiday Decor

It's a sad thing, this taking down of all the holiday cheer.
Ours is down today, well at least the outdoor lights and wreaths. A record of some sort for us. The rest of the cul de sac is still happily holiday. Us? Quite honestly, I am ready for Spring.
The trees are still up in the house. I love the light from them and will miss it when it's gone. It creates such a warmth, and it's been a very cold, snowy winter here.

I also had a flirtation with the treadmill today. I went downstairs with a latte, but luckily the phone rang. The pilates bench is also calling, but I've given that beast a deaf ear for years.

New Year's Resolutions? None
Cookies eaten? Sadly, many. We got a box of home-made cookies from Chicago and that did me in.
Mornings spent lying in bed with 2 little boys? Every one of them. I put network cartoons on to extend their time so I can read, and let them eat cereal in bed. With the dog.
Games played during vacation? Dozens
Books read during holiday? FIFTEEN and that is not a typo.
Relaxation Experienced? Oh, yes.
Agony of Shingles? Apparently, gone as of yesterday. But I'm touching wood!

It's been such a great vacation. I still miss my dad terribly, of course.


BabelBabe said...

of course you do, and will. but that is how he lives on.

and what did you read???

Mary said...

The joy of the holidays is to be able to lounge around with your kids - all of you in pyjamas....

I still miss Dad 16 years later..

Miz S said...

Reading/watching TV in bed with little boys and a dog? So awesome.

I don't want to take down my inside tree either, although I would like that corner of the living room back.

Caro said...

Love that you spend time in the bed with the kids. Sounds like great fun.