Thursday, August 14, 2008

The TMI meme

Stolen from Blackbird
(Geesh; it's been so long since I've linked, I spent 5 minutes figuring out how to link to bb)
Eye Color: 'My Eyes are the Color of Cold, Hard Cash'
Hair Color: Light and Medium Ash Brown with blonde streaks thanks to chlorinated pools and Coolibar clothing, so I can actually GO INTO THE SUN.
--Dyed or Natural: Dyed.
--Curly or Straight: Wavy, fine and thick.
Right- or Left-handed: Righty
Tan or Pale: Arms and neck tanned. The rest white as paste.
Jeans or Khakis: NYDJ - they rock.
Country, Rap, or Rock: Rock.
Heritage: Finn and Irish. Yes, I own a nasty-looking knife; Why do you ask?
Shoes you're wearing today: Tsonga
Your weakness(es): The Best Of at a Steal.
Car: 03 Honda Odyssey, 06 Audi A4, 96 Nissan Pathfinder
Your perfect pizza: My cheese/sausage.
Favorite color: Crisp light green or periwinkle
Favorite place: Curled up with my boys.
Goal you'd like to achieve: Successful kids.
Your most overused phrase(s): "You have 5 minutes ... "
Your thoughts first waking up: What's for breakfast?
Your best physical feature(s): My smile, my eyes.
Your bedtime
: 12-1 a.m.
Your most missed memory: Ken's dad.
Pepsi or Coke: Water.
McDonald's or Burger King: Neither.
Single or group dates: Both.
Adidas or Nike: Keens.
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Neither.
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate.
Cappuccino or coffee: Dark roast with cream, please

Smoke: Not since November, 1986.
Cuss: Yes, but never in front of children.
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend: K is my boyfriend.
Take a shower: Yes. Long, hot baths in winter.
Have a crush(es): Not right now.
Think you've been in love: Three times.
Want to get married: Third time's the charm.
Believe in yourself: Yes.
Believe in God: Yes.
Believe in your government: Ummmmmm.
Get motion sickness: No.
Think you're attractive: Yes.
Think you're a health freak: Off and On.
Get along with your parents: Yes.
Like thunderstorms: Love them.
Drunk alcohol: No.
Gone on a date: No.
Gone to the mall: Yes.
Been on stage: Yes. Welcoming new parents.
Eaten an entire box of Oreos: No.
Eaten sushi: Yes.
Been dumped: No.
Gone skating: Yes.
Gone skinny dipping: No.
Stolen anything: No.

Played a game that required removal of clothing: Yes.
Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Not since July 5, 1990.
Been caught "doing something": Yes.
Been called a tease: No.
Gotten beaten up: Yes. Been the beatee and the beater.
Age you hope to be married: Any age is nice.
Number of children you'd like: Just 2 and we're through.
Describe your dream wedding: Don't personally like my own weddings.
What do you want to be when you grow up: A very, very old lady.

Best eye color?: Light.
Best hair color?: Dark.
Short or long hair: Short.
Height: Medium. Works better for smokin' sex.
Best first date location: Hike.
Best first kiss location: Outdoors.

Number of people I could trust with my life: Many. I get in other people's cars, after all.
Number of CD's: 100's.
Number of piercings: Two.
Number of tattoos: None.
Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: No idea.
Number of scars on my body: Three big ones. Numerous small ones.


Suse said...

the colour of your eyes made me giggle.

ps. you got beaten up?

Caro said...

I loved the getting in the car comment and the medium height smoking sex one. Giggle.

I know you aren't gfcf but this website still has some really fun lunch ideas.

I hope the first day of school is great for the boys!

Joke said...

I once dated a girl who was 6'2".